Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not enough vitamins

First week pa lang ng July and I'm exhausted. Too many works, too many commitments and too many tasks to do.

I have 8 subjects for this semester plus extra curricular activities (org and stuff). I had 3 major subjects, 3 General Electives and 2 PE subjects. I really hate my schedule. I do have nga this unhealthy lunches every tuesday and friday due to the fact na tuloy-tuloy ang class ko. It was my fault din since I arranged my sched myself but di ko naisip na ganito pala to kahirap.

Anyway,I love my PolSci 14 subject especially with this political crisis we're having, it's like having your personal adviser and political analyst. I love listening to our professor's comments, kasi he gives off this objective look on this issue, analysing both parties. This helped me understood what is really happening and maybe analyse what can happen next. Tamang-tama. I do strive sa subject na ito, because I want to excel, even at the expense of my other subjects. Sana nga lang, I can do best in this subject (kahit ng vitamin-deprived na ako).

This sem will truly be a very physically exhausting semester. Sana kaya ko to!