Thursday, December 28, 2006

Comelec Voter's Registration SUCKS!

Based from the title, it's pretty clear that I'm fcuking pissed off! With all the "incompetencies" that the COMELEC had been battered with (Garci and the electronic poll scam), it's no surprise that they will once again fail. And yes I, along with almost 2,000 QUEZON CITY DISTRICT TWO "angry" and soon-to-be voters, were victims of mismanaged registration process.

I was in line from 8AM til 6PM and I didn't accomplish anything "Comelec". I was there last week to get me scheduled for the voter's form release but almost 8 hours had passed and let me just say that all I got were two tired feet,an empty stomach, pissed off grandma images that I think will last forever in my mind and a headache.

The COMELEC Voter's Registration is the most inefficient procedure that I've ever seen in my whole life ( passport and driver's license application were overshadowed by this). With only 2 computers working for 505,000+ people in my district, you get my point. Along with some untrained volunteers, this will definitely result to long lines, pissed mob, pre-stampede situation and many unregistered voters.

But I had my own share of mistakes since I joined the voter's rush with me being aware of the registration starting last our semestral break. But, I think, the dilemma goes with COMELEC as well since they were unable to prepare for the expected surge of registrants within the last few weeks.

While in line, I also saw how most of the masses see the media in these situations. Media was for them the "police" of the government. Often in the line, you can hear shouts saying "parating na ang media" and "kaya naayos yan ay dahil may media". It's quite positive that they see media as that but looking at the bigger picture, actions done based from media coverage is unacceptable.

I got my own taste of media frenzy as I was interviewed by a GMA reporter while in line. I pretty much stuttered on the interview and said a lot of useless comments. They didn't show any interviews nor my face but they were able to tackle my problem. But they did show my photocopied IDs as well as my Ipod and some people were able to recognize me from the feed. haha. sikat!

I wasn't able to register and I won't register this time. I know that I should vote in 2007 but with these incompetencies I won't be able to put my trust for my vote on a commission full of shit. I hope by the 2009 registration, everything will be well. for now, down with COMELEC. hehe.