Wednesday, November 30, 2005

High School

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I miss St. Elizabeth
I miss Batch 03-04
I miss the Royal Sapphires
I miss high school
I miss Angelicum.

Do you?

Monday, November 28, 2005


When I watched the SEAGames - soccer (football) game last Friday between the Philippines and Cambodia, I started remembering the times when I used to play soccer.

It is one of my favorite sport and the sport that I feel that I can excel (or just do good) into. I remember on the last minutes of soccer time, I usually feel bad that our soccer time was over.

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SEAGames Soccer Match

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SOCCER TIME - Angelicum College - 2003

And then, I left soccer when I moved into playing softball for our batch's intrams team. Then in college, I started engaging into martial arts.

But I want to pursue my first love, soccer.

I want to play soccer sometime. But due to time constraints, probably I will not.

Too bad.

(Anyway, I'm rooting for Team Philippines, Go for the Gold. One Team. One Nation. One Philippines)

Check 2005 SEAGames Website.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Godfather

It had been some time since I last posted. I was planning to change the template before making a new post. Now I got a new template.

I was to attend the UJP symposium Saturday morning and the photoshoot after. It was supposed to be my first activity in UJP as full member but I got caught up with my earlier plan.

At 7am Saturday morning, I had an appointment with my doctor for a lab exam. But unfortunately, I woke up late and arrived at the hospital at 8am. There were lots of people inside, it was a like the Harry Potter Movie line, too bad they won't like what they will about to see and hear. (It applies to both the real thing and the metaphor.hehe)

I got out of the hospital at around 10:00 in the morning and I planned to go on to the UJP event even though I'll be 2 1/2 hours late. But I decided not to since I don't want to make a grand entrance on the symposium. Next time na lang siguro.

S, I went back home. With nothing to planned to do (except for my economics HW), I went to our stash of DVDs and watched JUST MARRIED starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy.

I got a text from Daryl to attend the forum offered by Kapuluan. Kapuluan is this all male, Catholic driven organization in UP. I was planning to join the organization since last year, so I decided to went to the forum. After the mini forum, I was "oriented" by Daryl and some of the Kaps people about Kapuluan.After, they had this Latin meditation and I was invited to talk with the priest for spiritual direction. I t was a good thing because I want to be near with Lord that I felt I was got lost since I graduated from Angelicum. I did sign up with Kapuluan and I'm planning to go on with it. But the question arrives, How can I handle three organizations? hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI got home at around 9pm and I dropped by Videocity to get "The Godfather: Part2" DVD. It was not as good as the first movie but it was better than the third. It seems ironic that after getting into a christian meditation and religious formation, I went to watch a violent film. And come to think, the title of the film is The GODfather.hehe