Saturday, December 17, 2005

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas are....

1. World Peace
2. I-pod
3. Political Stability
4. Excellent Grades in School
5. Love - Life
6. Digital Camera
7. Gifts for the poor
8. Portable DVD Player
9. Car
10.Better Health for me and my family.

and of course, you.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Remembering 2005

Your 2005 Song Is

Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

"But since you've been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so moving on"

In 2005, you moved on.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lost notebook

I can't seem to find my notebook. The notebook contains all my lectures and my library card for this semester. I can't remember if I left it somewhere or somebody stole it from me. Why will people steal my notebook! Waaah!


I already found my notebook. I left at the MCO tambayan. Errr.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Iba ang UP

I just want to share the pics that we had taken for our comm140 report. Enjoy!

Image hosted by
Academic Oval
Image hosted by
Blue books: can't go to school without it.

Image hosted by
Jerick, Lea and Eka

Thanks Eka for the pics.

*It has been a very busy week. Homeworks due everyday. Waah! I need rest.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

High School

Image hosted by

I miss St. Elizabeth
I miss Batch 03-04
I miss the Royal Sapphires
I miss high school
I miss Angelicum.

Do you?

Monday, November 28, 2005


When I watched the SEAGames - soccer (football) game last Friday between the Philippines and Cambodia, I started remembering the times when I used to play soccer.

It is one of my favorite sport and the sport that I feel that I can excel (or just do good) into. I remember on the last minutes of soccer time, I usually feel bad that our soccer time was over.

Image hosted by
SEAGames Soccer Match

Image hosted by
SOCCER TIME - Angelicum College - 2003

And then, I left soccer when I moved into playing softball for our batch's intrams team. Then in college, I started engaging into martial arts.

But I want to pursue my first love, soccer.

I want to play soccer sometime. But due to time constraints, probably I will not.

Too bad.

(Anyway, I'm rooting for Team Philippines, Go for the Gold. One Team. One Nation. One Philippines)

Check 2005 SEAGames Website.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Godfather

It had been some time since I last posted. I was planning to change the template before making a new post. Now I got a new template.

I was to attend the UJP symposium Saturday morning and the photoshoot after. It was supposed to be my first activity in UJP as full member but I got caught up with my earlier plan.

At 7am Saturday morning, I had an appointment with my doctor for a lab exam. But unfortunately, I woke up late and arrived at the hospital at 8am. There were lots of people inside, it was a like the Harry Potter Movie line, too bad they won't like what they will about to see and hear. (It applies to both the real thing and the metaphor.hehe)

I got out of the hospital at around 10:00 in the morning and I planned to go on to the UJP event even though I'll be 2 1/2 hours late. But I decided not to since I don't want to make a grand entrance on the symposium. Next time na lang siguro.

S, I went back home. With nothing to planned to do (except for my economics HW), I went to our stash of DVDs and watched JUST MARRIED starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy.

I got a text from Daryl to attend the forum offered by Kapuluan. Kapuluan is this all male, Catholic driven organization in UP. I was planning to join the organization since last year, so I decided to went to the forum. After the mini forum, I was "oriented" by Daryl and some of the Kaps people about Kapuluan.After, they had this Latin meditation and I was invited to talk with the priest for spiritual direction. I t was a good thing because I want to be near with Lord that I felt I was got lost since I graduated from Angelicum. I did sign up with Kapuluan and I'm planning to go on with it. But the question arrives, How can I handle three organizations? hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI got home at around 9pm and I dropped by Videocity to get "The Godfather: Part2" DVD. It was not as good as the first movie but it was better than the third. It seems ironic that after getting into a christian meditation and religious formation, I went to watch a violent film. And come to think, the title of the film is The GODfather.hehe

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Three Subjects. Three Heartbreakers

I got 3 1.75 for the final grade for 3 of my subjects. I mean the grade is quite OK but ang nakakainis lang ay ang kamalasan ko ngayon semester.


I got a 1.75 in this subject. Not bad as what I have said. Pero ang nakakainis lang ay onting points na lang, 1.5 na sana ako. I got a 83.88 for my final raw grade computed from quizzes and exams and it gave me a 1.75. The bad thing is 84.66 will bring me sana a 1.5. Sayang, 1 more correct answer sana will bring my grade up sana.


Isa pa to. My average was 1.755. Pag naka 1.749 sana ako it would be a a 1.5 for me sana. .006 lang sana.


Sad. I got a raw grade of 87.75 and a 88 sana will bring me to a 1.5. An additional 2 correct exam answers lang sana yun! Waaaaa!

It simply means na I need to study more this coming semester.

* My Lovelife is ON. The challenge is on and I'm ready for it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Breakfast Club

Kakagaling ko lang kahapon sa induction ng UJP (Union of Journalists of the Philippines) - UP Diliman. Second org ko na ito sa UP at siguro I'll stop on that number na. My plans for training in Judo had been postponed kasi di ko na makakayanan!

Wala akong pwedeng sabihin sa induction kasi it's a secret. Ayoko ko ng i-elaborate yun details, para if ever kung may nagbabasa nito na magaapply ng UJP ay at least meron man lang "sensational" idea at para masurprise naman.

Congrats to myself and my batchmates.

Today, I got the chance to watch the movie, BREAKFAST CLUB. I had heard lots of good insights in this movie. I remember it was given a special award in the latest MTV Music Awards.

It was filmed in the 80s. A movie about a group of 5 teenagers coming from different backgrounds that were all placed in a school detention. There's a criminal, a jock, a basket case, a prom spoiled queen and a dork.

Image hosted by

It was a movie of great impact. The setting was set on the 1980s so some of the lines mentioned were not familiar (I was asking who the hell is this person that they were mentioning?). It captured the essence of being youth with all the situations that encircles them (or us.). The way that the movie captured what the youth is really up to is revolutional maybe on that era, but still the movie never fails to reflect what the youth is upto today. It is a good way of understanding the past and maybe relate it to our present time.

A movie worth renting or waiting for in HBO.

4 out 5 stars.

* Then I went to watch The Day After Tomorrow. NO need to give a review on.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Long Overdue Post.

Ang tagal ko na ring hinintay ang araw na ito (at marahil ang mga nagbabasa nito rin) na makapag post sa blog ko.

Ewan ko, I felt that blogging has become boring. Siguro nawala na ang drive ko for blogging but bumalik na siya. wahahaha.

I don't know if I'm doing this because of guilt or just of plain boredom (o, yeah, I'm waiting pala for this email to be sent.

So, what's up with Jerick ngayon.


Kakatapos lang ng school ko kanina. School had been really rough for me. My schedule had torn me apart. wahaha. Nagutom, napagod, nalipasan...lahat nangyari na.

COMM 100
Di ko inexpect ang grade ko dito. I was expecting for a 2.0 or a 2.25 but I got a 1.75. wahaha! nakakatuwa. and besides yun. I was top 6 sa class namin. I jumped from number 17 to number 6. nakakatuwa lang. efforts paid off!

As I had despised my Journ101 before for it being too boring. Ngayon, it's still boring and I still despise me. But, parang ang j101 ay galit din sa akin. I was not satisfied with my midterms grade. I just had my finals kanina. and it was OK (i hope pati kay ma'am ok din yun). I'm ready to be under probationary status next semester. Ngunit may pagasa pa!

Bwisit. I'm between two rivers. Nakakainis kasi, I'm running between a 1.5 and 1.75. If we will get a 1.5 on our report, I'll also get a 1.5 grade and if I'll get a lower grade, I'll be at 1.75. I'll check it tomorrow. PRAY.

Isa pa itong pahamak na subject. Again, computation based, I might get a 1.75 pero baka mag 1.5. sana ulit. pero kahit anong grade, I enjoyed this class and the knowledge it had imparted ang mas importante.

I took my geography 1 for granted. haha. but I hope I'll get a decent grade for it

At the latter part of the semester, I started to enjoy this subject. But it was too late. Sayang

Enjoy ko tong PE ko na ito. I had many experiences in it. Sumali ako sa isang interclass Judo tournament at unfortunately, di ako nanalo. SAD but HAPPY. Iba pa rin ang binibigay ng experience. Again, baka ito nanaman ang highest grade ko ngayon semester. Hmmm.

I had this subject dropped because I lost my attendance card. Haha. stupid me. Sayang ang P1000+ na gastos for watching UAAP games. Pero at least, namemorize ko ang UP Naming Mahal at lalo akong napamahal sa UP.



Masaya pa rin ang MCO, as usual. Kakatapos lang ng Major last week. at I'm so delighted na maganda ang naging result nun. The speakers were impressed kahit medyo tabingi ang sympo. Marami pa kaming dapat matutunan sa pamamalakad ng isang org. Promise, next year, dapat flagship org na ang MCO.


Malapit na ang induction namin. Madami na rin akong nagawa for UJP, I hope it will pay off.


Yun muna ngayon, gabi na.

Till next time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I don't know

Di ko alam ang gagawin ko. ang daming kaguluhan, ang daming dapat gawin. parang di tumitigil ang kamalasan. puro na lang kamalasan.

+ i lost my cheerleading attendance. i'll try to talk to my prof. but i'm ready to drop that subject, pero sayang naman ang aking mga gastos dun

+ di ko pa naayos ang MAJOR ISSUE, putol-putol pa rin ang pagasenso nito at hello! sa sept. 1 na siya. waaah!

+ solo interview ko na sa UJP next week. good luck to me.

+ 2 lang ang nakuha ko sa 1st exam ko sa polsci. sayang. i'm really hoping for a much higher grade. much higher!..better luck next time

+ sorry, no time to update/upload/ek-ek. sa sem break na lang.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Super delayed updates

School had been to busy for me to handle. 8 subjects, 2 organizations, tons of extra curricular activities and other small time social life escapes had been filling my life this first semester.

Just a big run through of events:

* I had my PolSci exam kanina which was very frustrating. I studied for almost a week for that exam hoping for a better grade but it do seem a little bit blurry. Pangasar lang kasi, I did review for the exam, but pagdating ko dun all went blank. Tapos, there were this pesky rallyista na nanggugulo sa class (who took at least 5 minutes of my precious exam time), which resulted to a crammed essay answers and unreadable penmanship.

* Also, I had my Comm100 exam last Thursday, it was not that hard nor that easy. Nakakalito lang talaga.

* We had our geography field trip last Saturday at Tagaytay and Taal Volcano...I'll upload pictures later.

* I hate my Art Stud class, it is boring, our prof gives us tons of useless readings and he discusses it in ther useless way possible. Kung di ko lang enjoy kasama yun mga classmates ko dun, I probably will cut class or drop it out.

* My comm3 class is like my "panira" class, alam mo yun, you do study for an exam, tapos biglang sisingit yun Comm3 activities..wahahaha!

* J101 ko? wala lang as in wala stories whatsoever. Boring.

* I had watched 5 games for my cheerleading ( I watched the UE game only during the first quarter) and kung andun ako, the UP team wins. (No joke, I completely watched the games VS DLSU, UST, AdU and NU and we won over those games while I watched the UE game til the first quarter and UP was leading by the time I left)...Lucky charm ng Maroons ako! (I won't be watching this Saturday's game with

* Panakit-katawan ang judo class ko. Sore shoulders, arms and legs were the results of my almost 2 month's judo PE. but it's working ha, I can do more pushups and situps!

* I am applying in UJP-UP this semester, I don't know kung kaya ko lang because of my super dami kong commitmetns. Pero kaya yan because of the support from the caring members and my co-apps. Pero sana matapos ko siya...

* MCO had been under the radar for this sem. We had garnered lots of internal problems that I hope can be resolved.

* Na move ulit ang major issue, bwisit na speakers yan! I want to get through na nga ito, so that wala na akong trabaho masyado! Hehe

So yun muna, I'll put some pics later.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not enough vitamins

First week pa lang ng July and I'm exhausted. Too many works, too many commitments and too many tasks to do.

I have 8 subjects for this semester plus extra curricular activities (org and stuff). I had 3 major subjects, 3 General Electives and 2 PE subjects. I really hate my schedule. I do have nga this unhealthy lunches every tuesday and friday due to the fact na tuloy-tuloy ang class ko. It was my fault din since I arranged my sched myself but di ko naisip na ganito pala to kahirap.

Anyway,I love my PolSci 14 subject especially with this political crisis we're having, it's like having your personal adviser and political analyst. I love listening to our professor's comments, kasi he gives off this objective look on this issue, analysing both parties. This helped me understood what is really happening and maybe analyse what can happen next. Tamang-tama. I do strive sa subject na ito, because I want to excel, even at the expense of my other subjects. Sana nga lang, I can do best in this subject (kahit ng vitamin-deprived na ako).

This sem will truly be a very physically exhausting semester. Sana kaya ko to!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

As of yesterday, I am officially 18 yrs old. Ang tanda ko na! This one is different, ito na ang transition from childhood to adulthood. Pwede na akong bumoto (finally!), I can enter bars (officially!) and many sorts of perks. But, I really miss my childhood, all those carefree days...shucks.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who had greeted me thru all channels of communication. (Meron pa nga nagsend ng PLDT Voice recording greeting sa akin through phone, Thanks)

For the people who had greeted me through text.

Jeka, Cara, Wivi, Weisa, Bev, L.J., Mark, Gino, Ivy, Anj, Kimbe, Tips, Dang, Ge, Reese, Con, Diana, Shiela.

For the Y!M greetings
Tita A. , Vic, Jon Mencias, Jon Ebido.

Thru Friendster
Wap, Ate Anarie, Manuel, Jobelle, Reji, Melai, Claud, Ritz, Missy, Jon, Marian, Nimrod, Ked.

My Comm3 groupmates (yup, considered secret yun), Geog1 classmates (tama bang i-announce sa buong room), Pol Sci 14 class (esp. Flau, congrats on your perfect recitation) and my art stud seatmates.

Of course sa akin mga relatives, thank you very much.

Sorry kung may nakalimutan akong name, it's the thought that counts naman.
And for all those who had offered their greetings thru prayers, salamat sa inyo.

We'll the greeting part is over. I hope this year will be a good one. (It rained almost the whole day yesterday, good omen kaya yun?)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

MCO Media Tour

To kick in, nangyari kanina ang first project ng RATT for this year, the FRESHIE MEDIA TOUR. Ang tagal din namin to inayos, mga 2 months din. at least it was over. sigh.

We went to Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA Network. Kasama namin ang most of K2 at 1 CW and 1 Journ student. Pics na lang. tinatamad ako magsulat.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
It was fun. really fun. Salamat sa mga sumama at sa MCO esp. sa RATT! Congrats! One activity down, millions to go...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

On Rizal and Father's day

Today is both Rizal's birthday and Father's day. It is a nice coincidence that two great events were placed on a single day. We could easily say that, Rizal did obviously served as a catalyst of change from the times before. He had, in some way, did aroused people's feelings on fighting for freedom and I think he had his goals accomplished.

It is too bad that, nowadays, we don't give any respect for the freedom our heroes had fought for. At least, show some consideration on honoring our great nation. Just stop when the Philippine Anthem is being played or at least show some respect. Let us put away all our greed and personal desires for the sake of the advancement of our country. No more politics, no more fighting please. I'm sick and tired of it (and I mean we all do I suppose)

Let us move forward.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Palawan: Part 3


Naghanda na ako for my island hopping tour in Honda Tour. I had my breakfast at the hotel and after an hour left the hotel.

Tatlo lang kami sa tour, ako and a couple Mr. and Mrs. Dy. Ang ganda nga, coincidence lang kasi uncle and aunt siya ng classmate ko from high school. hehe. nakakatuwa.Also, we had a tour guide, si ate ana, na super kulit para siyang ate talaga.

Image hosted by

We traveled by land to the Sabang Wharf for about an hour. It was a bumpy ride since medyo di pa ayos ang streets. We had reached the wharf and I borrowed some snorkeling stuff. I was really anticipating this snorkeling activity. First time ko lang mag-snorkeling and with my not so trustworthy swimming skills, it was really an experience that I will truly cherish.

We rode this boat (named Jollibee, haha) and started our island hopping. First we went into snake island. It was a 40-minute trip on a small boat. Nakakahilo kaya sa bangka, and when we got there I was not feeling that well. It was called snake island since there was this strip of sand that is curving on a shape of a snake. We fed some fishes. Nakakatuwa kaya to, you are in some 4 and 1/2 feet of water and colorful fishes. Then, I went snorkeling. It was a freaky snorkeling experience. I was on this water, 10 meters deep. Di talaga ako magaling sa swimming, so I had a life vest with me. It was a nice experience. Makakakita ka ng corals and different fishes there. Haha! I hope pwede yun camera ko dun so that nakakuha ako ng pics. Kaya nga lang, most of the corals are dead. Sayang nga lang, di talaga naalagaan. I hope that sana 20 years from now, that beauty will be improved... Sayang talaga.

Image hosted by

An hour after, we had back to our boat and went on to Starfish island. Again, nakakahilo ang biyahe. Pagdating namin, we had lunch and I went into the water again.
Starfish island kasi starfish was abundant there before. Then after, I went for a walk in the beach far from the camp place. It was a soothing experience, there was this long stretch of white sand and ako lang yun nandon. I felt like walking, making footprints in the sand echos-echos and also taking pictures. It was also a nice place to relax and to think. Then after walking, I went for a swim. It was called starfish island so I was expect to be seeing starfishes.But ngayon, wala ka ng makikitang starfish (except for like 5 starfishes on shore). Because of man's abuse of nature, the once very spectacular island turned into a mismanaged place. Pag alis nga namin, there were this pinoy tourist na binabato yun starfish as if it was a ball. Grabe! Living thing yan! Di yan laruan!. Nakakainis lang talaga. I hope ma-karma sila. I hate yun mga turistang ganyan!

Image hosted by

Then we went to this lu-li island. this was island was supposed to be non-existing on a high tide and since it was in lowe tide. Nakapaglakad-lakad kami sa beach. Again, white sand beach ang nandun and some good and clear waters.

Image hosted by

As we went home, it started to rain. As in malakas na ulan. We were in the middle of the sea, on a not so sturdy boat with winds and waves splashing. Mas matindi pa siya sa ride sa Universal Studios. Nakakatakot kasi baka bigla tumaob yun bangka. Kasi, big waves talaga. Pero we returned to the port safely, kaya lang basang-basa ka nga lang.

Dumating na kami sa hotel ng mga 4pm and I just rested for a while and headed to the town proper para magsimba. After, I headed back to the hotel to have dinner. We had dinner with my malayong uncle and cousin. Yun palang uncle ko na yun was the former owner of the island that is now Club Noah Resort ( a first class resort in Palawan). Nakakatuwa lang.Then after dinner, balik hotel na kami, fixed my stuff and went to sleep.

Image hosted by

I woke early the next morning to prepare for our flight. At breakfast at the hotel, we met this couple from Spain who was in Palawan for there honeymoon. Tinanong ko sila, why did chose Palawan instead of Bali etc. Sabi nila, mas gusto daw nila sa Palawan, since it was not crowded. Buti pa sila, naappreciate ang beauty ng Pilipinas. Bakit ang mga Pilipino magbabakasyon, they choose destinations outside of the country kahit na there are truly beautiful places here in the Philippines.

Image hosted by

Yun ang natutunan ko from this trip, there are more places to discover in the country, more places much better and richer from other countries, marami tayong mga untouched locations that di pa nagagalaw ng modernisasyon. Tama nga na sabihin ni DOT, na "Tara Na! Biyahe Tayo". I'm planning tuloy to go into the places in the song. DISCOVER PHILIPPINES.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Palawan: Part 2

I was supposed to go on to a Honda Bay Island Hopping tour on that Saturday. But our hotel moved our tour for the next day, so that it could meet its minimum number (6) of tour participants.

It was a bummed day for me, no activities planned whatsoever.... but di yun pipigil para sa akin na maglagalag at i-enjoy ang Palawan.

After eating breakfast, we decided to walk and I mean walk to the town proper (about 2 km ang layo nun), just to waste time.

We got into town and decided to watch the Asian Sepak Takraw Competition that was in town. I have never seen a Sepak Takraw live game, so medyo kakaiba ito. We rode a mini-cab (the jeep of Palawan) to the place.

The sepak takraw game was not your usual UAAP game. Apart from the small crowd inside the stadium, the game was a mix of volleyball and soccer. It was really fun to watch. Haha.

Then after, we headed at this vietnamese kainan. The place was not that appealing. It was much like a carinderia in Manila but the food is really great. They had mouth watering seafood and semi-spicy food. Yun nga lang talaga, di maganda yun place.

Nun hapon, we went to the city again to walk around and shop. Masaya sana kung pwede kaming bumili ng seafood dahil super abundant ng seafood nila dun. First time kong nakakita ng big lobster sa market. Even sa Rustans dito sa Manila, wala pa akong nakikitang lobster na ibinebenta.

After nun, we headed into the church. It was like the San Sebastian Church in Manila pati yung color pareho.

Image hosted by


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Palawan: Part 1

Nagpunta kami ng lolo ko ng Palawan last weekend just to spend the last days of my summer vacation before classes start. Actually, we had plans on going to HongKong but naisip namin na mas OK na sa Palawan muna pumunta kasi I also haven't been on that place.

Dapat nga di na kami tutuloy sa Palawan because of at that time kakalabas din nung Malaria issue in Palawan. But what the heck, di naman kami pupunta sa bundok or anything and malayo naman kami sa mga Malaria infested area, masyado lang talaga pinapalaki ng media yung issue.

Image hosted by

So anyway, we left Manila last Friday on a PAL flight. As we were on the plane going to Palawan, kitang-kita mo ang mga beautiful islands nito. Clear blue and green waters and white sand beaches.

We arrived in Puerto Princesa in about an hour and I can say that Puerto Princesa is a rural mixed with an urban lifestyle.

So, we had checked in our hotel, Casa Linda Inn. I really like Casa Linda. It has a home-y feeling apart from those luxurious hotels. Kasi I'm looking forward talaga on a getting in touch with nature, ayoko muna ng city life. I really liked the place.

After resting for a while, we went on a tour around the city. We went to the croc farm and butterfly garden. Sumakay kami on a trike (which is by the way, the basic mode of transportation in Puerto Princesa) to our destinations. First, we went on the Butterfly Garden. Di pa ako nakakakita ng butterflies on in one place, so I really enjoyed the tour. But, it was not what I was expecting. The place was a little bit small and a little bit itchy. But the butterflies were great and I enjoyed taking pictures of them.

Image hosted by

Then we went into the Croc Garden, some kilometers from the Butterfly Garden. It was not properly maintained since the place looks a little bit dirty and unorganized. Pero kudos pa rin since it served as a sanctuary for injured crocs.

Image hosted by

We headed back to hotel after kasi my grandpa will meet dapat this PPC councilor that he knows. But we were met by her secretary pa rin and we were treated on free food. I love their food pala on Palawan, fresh seafood a la carte.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Palawan Scares

With the latest scare of malaria propagated by the media, my trip there on Friday may seem scary. I'll be going there on Friday till Monday, just to spend my last week of summer vacation just before our classes will start.

The media has been sensationalizing issues today. Just today, I saw a TV special report from GMA about why schools doesn't have left handed chairs. Hmmm. I am left handed and I don't have any problems of right handed chairs in school. For me, it is not worth the 3 minute primetime airtime on TV. Instead of tackling this issue, why don't they tackle issues like the national flag day celebration or the soaring environment problems our country is having today.

And then, on the other network, at the start of their news program, showbiz news pops out. I mean, the media tackles and sensationalizes less important issues.

Anyway, back to the Palawan thing. I'm not really scared of the malaria thing. (But I took precautions just to keep myself protected). I just hope for the better.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Survivor Finale: Tom gets the mill

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm little bit late on posting this topic since the winner was announced a week ago. Tom, a 41 yr. old firefighter, won the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor of Survivor Palau. Tom deserved his win against Katie. Katie's a big slab of rock in camp who does not exert any effort on the camp while Tom fishes, hunts etc. etc...

Image hosted by
If I will decide who should win Survivor from the final four, I would choose Ian.Ian had underwent lots of turmoil and he even sacrificed his final two slot for Katie which was really over.

I'm looking forward for Survivor 11 in Guatemala. The participants we'll be sent into a n ancient Mayan community and we'll be told to live there and outwit, outplay and outlast each other.

BIGGEST TWIST: The first twist saying that out of 20 participants, 18 will continue on playing Survivor, just after 5 hours at the beach.
MOST DRAMATIC SCENE: Ian sacrificing his final two slot to regain respect from both Ian and Katie. Ian's a true gentleman.
BEST CHALLENGE: Balut challenge. harhar. proud to be pinoy.
SADDEST VOTE-OFF: Angie being voted off.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Enjoying the end of the beginning

Kakatapos lamang ng summer class ko last Tuesday. Ang sarap ng feeling ng magkaroon ulit ng pahinga.

Meron pa rin akong 2 linggo na bakasyon bago bumalik ulit sa UP para sa first sem. Ang bilis ng panahon, parang dati rati lang, isa akong freshman na walang sa UP at isang batang binato sa mundo ng kolehiyo. Pero ngayon, isa na akong sophomore. Ang dami ng pagbabago. Ilang taon na lang member na ako ng "working force". Parang ayoko pa maging part nun since enjoy ko pa ang pagaaral. Kasi pag nagaaral ka, ikaw pa yun binabayaran. Hihi.


Ito ang documentary na ginawa namin sa CWTS. Super saya ko na natapos na namin ito. Ginawa namin ito ng dalawang linggo at lahat kami had no or little experience on making a documentary. Kaya, nun matapos napaka-saya ko na natapos na namin ito. Ang sarap ng feeling ng sabihin sa inyo na "ang ganda", "ang galing", "congrats". It's really rewarding. All thanks to my groupmates and coordinators. Ang galing natin lahat!
Parang gusto ko na tuloy maging isang film maker.

CRS nanaman

Kakalabas lang ng results ng CRS last wednesday. So, kamusta naman ang result? nakuha ko ang 4 out of my 7 subjects. Di ko nakuha yun PE, econ at math ko. Pero enlist ulit ako baka swertehin ako sa 2nd enlistment.

Bagong Star Wars Fan?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHmmm. Nanood ako with my classmates Kim and Charles yesterday ng Starwars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

I never really liked Starwars. I remember when my dad brought me to watch Star Wars Episode I, Wala akong naintindihan. Then, I had no interest then on watching Episode II.

Before the release of Episode III, I decided to watch Episode II thru our reliable Quiapo VCD. At that time, medyo naintindihan ko na yun flick.

What can I say about Episode III from a non Star-Wars fan?

It really connects the story. Your answers of how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader for example. The special effects was good (I didn't appreciated it much since we were seated at the second row nearest screen, so it was like very scary.).

But I like the CG graphics of Yoda and the space ships. It was really realistic compared to Episode IV (duh it was 1970s something).

I appreciated the film, all in all. Too bad it is too late for me to appreciate it since Episode III is the last installment of the StarWars series. I suggest you see it.

Anyway, I saw this Darth Vader mask kanina on TV and I want to have one.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pahabol sa Friday the 13th

Hmmm. Ang tagal ko na rin di nag post. It was terribly a very busy week.


I got my bag slashed last Tuesday at the BUS STOP at SM North EDSA - Annex. I was on my way home from school and I was waiting at the bus stop to catch a ride. I had waited there for about 5 minutes then I got up on the bus. As I fixed my backpack, I saw that it had a big slash on its lower right part. I thought at first that it was caught up by a hanging piece of wire and got torn. But as I got home, my dad and my mom said that I was a victim of BACKpackSLASH. They said that these crooks uses razor blade to cut your back on get whats inside. I was lucky that they got nothing from my bag, since it was full of papers (ie a big garbage bag). My phone was secretly stashed on a safe pocket and it was completely safe.

Image hosted by

SWIM on the 13th.

It was both our editing day for our CWTS documentary and our semender for UP MCO. It was a very hectic day. At first I was never really decided to go to our MCO party but doubt filled up and excuses were made, so I sneaked out (not literally sneaked out but I did tell my groupmates about it) to our editing an went into our semender. I was not prepared for this activity talaga. I got no swim shorts, towels, extra clothes prepared but I still went to the resort. It was in Valenzuela and it was sort of an out of the city escapade for me. I didn't hesitate to jump on the pool and swam a lap or two.

It was also nice to see my orgmates again which I totally miss. I got to bond with them for a short while and got to chit-chat with them for updates. After that, I got myself dried up and through my genius ideas, I had myself back into shape and ready for editing. I left my orgmates in Valenzuela and headed back to QC for our editing.


I got to the editing process shortly before dark. There were few improvements and they were still on the process of dubbing. It was really a very painful job. We were awake the whole night finishing the editing process. We just sat there, look on the editing process, filled our stomachs with chips and coffee. I considered myself as a big bum in this activity as, along with my groupmate, goofed along the night. And at around 6am, we had it completely finished. I was really glad that it was over and seeing the final product made me realize what an accomplishment we had made. We had made a documentary and were not even film-makers! woohoo! A big salute to me and my groupmates!

All in all, I am glad that my CWTS will be over. I will truly miss my groupmates, no doubt about it, but I'm really glad that I will be back to my relaxed and bummed self. (harhar). It was a noteworthy experience and I won't forget what it had instilled in me.


Image hosted by Photobucket.comCaryn was gone. Yeepee! I don't like this girl. I'm really looking forward on its finale this coming Monday. I hope Ian wins.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kamusta na man ang week?

Not so much this week. Been terribly occupied by my CWTS volunteer work the whole week. As our project, we were to make a documentary film about Krus na Ligas (a barangay near UP).

So pretty much, my week was occupied by lots of walking and talking. It was fun in a sense that I got to interact with different kinds of people, from the Barangay Captain to the drug addict at the dark street.

I'm hoping that this documentary will be good.


Image hosted by Koror's now breaking up as Gregg was voted out.

Monday, May 02, 2005

School on a Holiday

I was really irritated that we had to go to school today, May 2, 2005. Since today was Labor day and we should had been staying on our homes resting. But, NO. I had to go to school early in the morning for my CWTS orientation programme. I was also a little bit of puyat because I got home late yesterday.

I got into school with a broken spirit, sleepy body and careless attention. I was also irritated on the fact that there were no jeepneys to UP since there was no work and school for today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBut I was really inspired by the talk given to us kanina. Professor Benito Lim, a former UP CMC Professor and a Political Scientist gave a talk on Governance. I was really inspired by his talk. First he gave out stories, much like an old man, about his UP experiences which was really funny. Dati daw, bus were the ride here in UP. hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHis main talk, focused mainly on governance. I learned a lot from him like how bright Apolinario Mabini really is. Before the Malolos Convention, Mabini drafted 5 constitutions but his constitutions were rejected. Mabini was then exiled to Guam because he was considered a threat on the colonial government by Arthur McArthur and William Howard Taft.

Also, he implied the importance of Mass Communication in the society. One of the key problems of our society, according to Prof. Lim, is Misused Mass Media. I am really inspired by his talk that it made me realized how big of an impact I can make as a media person. It made me think of not shifting. hehe



Image hosted by Photobucket.comStephenie was voted out. Wahaha! *jerick sobs... waahh! I really like her, too bad she was a threat. sob sob

Monday, April 25, 2005

Giving Something Back to the Country

I am an iskolar ng bayan. My tuition fee is almost shouldered by the taxes paid by the republic. So as "pay back" to our republic, we have to enroll on a CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service).

For CMC's CWTS, we were required to volunteer (seems redudant) on an NGO. I was assigned to work for the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG). The organization is a little bit of a leftist/anti-government.

I'm sure that I would love to work there for 50 hours and it will in some way promote something meaningful. But I don't see it as a "meaningful" way of paying back for what our country had done for us. Maybe on a little way it can, but I don't see it as direct line to the government. I was hoping for ways of helping our country directly. Maybe through government services or simple things like helping out on cleaning Metro Manila. I just don't see it's big impact.



Image hosted by Photobucket.comJanu Quitted the game. I hate quitters but at least she extended Stephenie's stay for 3 days.

Monday, April 18, 2005

First Day of Summer Class Turned Hell

Our first day of Summer Classes SUCK and I mean bad luck seemed to be living inside of me.


I got up early in the morning and pretty much anxious since it was a first day. I prepared my stuff and went out to school. Since my class starts at 9am, I can't carpool with my dad. I commuted from our house to school. Nun simula, ok lang SMOOTH and travel ika nga. But when I arrived on the UP jeepney station at 8.15am, there was a long line... tsk tsk... ang TAGAL maghintay. I waited for about thirty minutes under the scorching sun for a jeepney. But at least, I got to school in one piece. I envy Bikoy because he got to school in his bike.

CRS = Computer Ruining Student's Life

CRS (Computerized Registration System) assigned to me two CRS classes with TWO different professors. At first, I thought it was ok and since some of my classmates did encounter that problem, ok lang. But kanina, they didn't allow having TWO professors for CRS. Uh-Oh. BIG PROBLEM ITO. I had underwent the grueling Change Mat Procedure for the first time. It was a grueling procedure, having a professor to sign it then erase then sign again. It was HELL!. Then at the MassComm Admin, we had to wait for 2 hours for a single signature. It seemed that, our government paid officers were having lunch at 11.00. So para saan pa ang lunch break?... I got the signed Change Mat form at 1.30pm and I decided to continue it tomorrow since there were no jeepneys in UP and it started to rain really hard.

I hope that the next month won't be that grueling.

Survivor Update:
Image hosted by

Coby's out. Finally, there was a merge. and at last, there was a Koror member that was voted out.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Breaking the Spirit

I just got back from the province last night, so I had endured 10 days of no blogging.


Today was my enrolment day for Summer Classes. I decided to take up CWTS para hindi na hassle ito during our regular semesters (and also during summer lang nagooffer ang CMC ng CWTS). I didn't get my desired classes for CWTS, but I'm glad that I was lucky to even get a slot in it.

I also got my class cards today and I'm pretty disappointed on some of my grades for this semester. Here are the reasons:


Actually I'm really happy with my final grade in this subject. My exams were pretty bad (2.5 Midterms). This was one of the subjects that I really prioritized last semester. But still, my exams were pretty mediocre. Siguro bumawi ako sa term paper (which was 15 pages long, far from the required 7 pages) and also dun sa discussion namin. I'm also disappointed kasi yun isang class (with a diff. prof.) ng j100 got grades ranging from 1.0-1.5, tapos kami ranging from 1.75-3 which was totally depressing. Kahit na same effort (pero sa tingin ko mas marami kaming effort), unfair pa rin yun grades. Pero no regrets...

SocSci 1

My biggest disappointment of all! I wasn't really expecting to receive a low grade. I was active in discussions but my exams were pretty mediocre. I'm really disappointed with this subject, because feeling ko I don't deserve such grade. It has no course outline and even a grading system. So hula-hula lang ata yun grade and unfortunately malas ako. Our prof. was nice but still she didn't organize the class properly.

Chem 1

My highest computed grade (not PE) for this sem. This was the subject that I really didn't expect excelling into. During the enrolment, napilitan lang akong kunin ito kasi it hasdthe best schedule and it's nearest sa CMC. But during the duration (sounds annoying?) of the semester, I enjoyed some of my lessons. Our prof. has also the "tatak" of "mataas magbigay ng grade".My exams were pretty high and our report was good. I was a bit closer sa 1.0. Sayang!

English 1

Hmmm. Another big disappointment. For two semesters, my english classes were diappointing. I enjoyed our class, yun nga lang siguro na sobrahan ng pageenjoy. It seems to me tuloy na I'm not really good in English, kaya I'm not really fit for Journalism. Hmmppffhh... I won't take English classes anymore!

Soc Sci 2

Another big "what the?" grade. I wasn't really expecting that I'll be getting a high grade from this subject. This was a subject that I put all my efforts into during last semester. As in, reports every week, basa dito-basa doon. Sacrifice ng time for the sake of SocSci2. But at least, all my hard work paid off.


Super enjoyed the class and my appreciation for this subject paid off. Complete attendance, good exams, sipsip sa prof?... hehe... Again, for the second semester in a row, highest ko na grade ulit ay P.E. haha... nakakatuwa... Sana P.E. na lang lahat ng subjects...

Wala na akong masabi, siguro effort na lang talaga for next semester. Learn to prioritize and also avoid terror professors. Hehe. My GWA did increase compared nun last sem, so that was a good start. I hope magtuloy-tuloy na ito...



Image hosted by Photobucket.comBobby Jon was eliminated. One of my most favorite cast away from this season. Sayang talaga!. For the first time in Survivor, nagkaroon ng 1 person tribe..hehe...nakakatuwa lang.

Friday, April 01, 2005

A Date with Avril Lavigne(and Simple Plan?)

Last night Avril Lavigne together with Simple Plan held a concert here in Manila and I am so lucky that I got to watch it (for FREE!). I won 2 tickets from this Mentos Contest. Super saya ko na I won!!! Wahahaha!

Ticket Dilemma

Since 2 tickets yun napanalunan ko, I don't know kung kanino ko ibibigay yun isang ticket. I got the ticket Wednesday afternoon, so I started calling people kung gusto nilang sumama. I called some of my high school friends kung gusto nila sumama but hindi daw sila papayagan. Maraming may gusto kaya nga lang di lang daw talaga pwede. I also contacted some of my UP friends, still wala pa rin gustong sumama. I mean, I'm giving them for free a P1,500 ticket, but it seems na ayaw nila.

Dumating na ang Thursday morning and still wala pa rin gustong sumama. I'm so desperate na may makuha akong kasama, but wala pa ring pumapayag. Nun bandang 2pm lang ako nakakuha ng kasama. It was Doreen, my Bio1 classmate/coursemate/orgmate ko ang pumayag na sumama. Hmmm... siguro dahil short notice lang mahirap talagang makakuha ng kasama.

Talk with Manong Taxi Driver

Doreen and I were in Glorietta to get on a taxi to the Fort (where Avril's concert was held.). Nun pagsakay namin ng taxi, we had a little chat with the taxi driver. Third time na niyang maghatid dun sa concert venue. On the way there, we talked about the trips he had made there. Also, there were some questions asked from both us and from him. Alam mo yun, para bang talkshow yun nangyari. It's very rare for me to have a little chat with a taxi driver. Baka it serves as a training for me na rin (being a journalist na rin...). We got there and for I don't know what reason I gave our driver a tip. Hihi. Nakakatuwa!

Jammin' with Simple Plan

Nun nakarating kami sa concert venue, we started looking for our seats. Nun nakita na namin, I realized na medyo malapit-lapit na rin yun seat namin sa stage (mga 100 meters ang layo). I was so anxious na magstart yun concert. Anyway, before the concert started, I went to see my high school classmate, Irvin, na nandun din sa concert.

Simple Plan
performed first. We end up standing in front, instead of sitting kasi people began standing and blocking the way. tsk tsk.

I don't really know all simple plan songs, yun mga major songs lang alam ko. So, I ended up, staring at them. So ang ginawa ko na lang, I took some pictures through my phone and (illegally) with a camera.

They were good concert performers, by the way, kasi they always interact with the audience (saying those lines like "hold your hands in the air", "mahal ko kayo", "galing niyo", etc.). Some Simple Plans songs performed were Perfect, I'm just a kid, Welcome to my life, addicted and this new song "Crazy" (first time daw itong naperform on stage.) I also love their concert cover of The Darkness' I believe in a thing called love.

I had enjoyed their performance, but I'm looking forward talaga on Avril's. (sorry, Simple Plan fans)

Avril, Ikaw na ba yan?

I had long been waiting to see Avril perform. Since 2002, I promised myself that I would be going to her concert pag nagperform siya dito sa Pilipinas. Nun nalaman ko na she will have a concert here in Manila, I was very much excited. Pero because of the lack of money, it seemed that all my hopes of seeing here was fading. Pero nun nalaman ko, na I'll be going to her concert, I was so frantically amazed! Tinadhana ata na magkita kami...hehe

Matagal-tagal din yun intermission between the two performers and by the time na lumabas siya, people came rushing back to the front. Avril's really pretty, her golden long hair like a princess, her glittering eyes, I really can't believe na I'm seeing her in person.

She had a really stunning performance. Some highlights were nun nagperform siya while playing the piano at nun she played the drums for this cover song. Songs performed where My Happy Ending, He Wasn't, Tomorrow, Losing Grip, Mobile, Things I'll Never Say, I'm With you, Don't Tell Me, etc. and of course Sk8er Boi and Complicated. While performing, di ako matigil sa pagkuha ng pictures.

It was a dream come true for me to see her perform because I'm really big fan (ask my HS classmates). The concert ended ng mga 11pm. Masyadong maaga and it was really bitin but it was really cool and they both rock! No words can explain my feeling after nun concert. Siguro it was both fulfilling and relaxing (after 4 grueling exam days). But I enjoyed it, totally.

Tapped Taxi Meter?

Ang hirap sumakay pauwi! We waited for at least an hour then we stopped this AUV picking up passengers going to EDSA. Pagdating ng EDSA, we rode a bus to Munoz and then rode a taxi para ihatid si DOreen sa Visayas Ave.. Compared dun sa mabait na taxi driver kanina, this one's a real snitch. From Munoz to Visayas Ave., yun meter niya jumped to 100 pesos. Di naman dapat ganun kasi nga from Glorietta to the fort 67.50 pesos lang (it was traffic pa nun, so mahal talaga.). Then from Visayas to Mindanao Ave., 65 pesos yun dinagdag. Pinabayaan ko na lang kasi I'm not in the mood in confronting a taxi driver. I don't what that happy feeling na maalis sa katawan ko because of a taxi driver

So Anong Masasabi Ko?

Super enjoy talaga ang concert!!! Wahahaha!!! I'm so happy! It was really a blessing na I got to watch the concert for free. Avril and Simple Plan really rocked at the concert. I'm looking forward to seeing them again (sana mas malapit na!).It was an experience I won't forget.

Image hosted by


I forgot to put one last week so add ko na lang ngayon. Ulong had been losing really bad talaga. First time in Survivor history na ang isang tribe didn't get any immunity during the tribe challenges. Anyway, James was voted last week and today, Ibrehem was voted out. Merge will happen (ata?) sa next episode, I hope magsusurvive si Steph at Bobby.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJAMES

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIBREHEM

Mercy Killing or Murder?

I was supposed to write a post before but I'm busy with my studies. It is about the legal battle between the so called "Right to die/Merciful Killing" supported by Terri's husband and the US court system and "Right to Live" supported by Terri's parents.

I'm really against Euthanasia. No one has a right to take the opportunity for living of a person. If it is really a person's time to die, no man has the power to take the life and it is considered immoral in the eyes of God.

But I don't really understand what is happening in our society (American people in particular). The majority says that they should take the life of Terri. Just to clear things out, she is not on life support, so she is not really on a dying situation.

Last night, she died. It was really not her time to die, but they had "legally" murdered a person. I'm really disappointed with the current outlook of the society. I hope that we/they be enlightened.

Link to an article from Washington Post about the issue.
After Terri Schiavo

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Quick Note

just a quick note:

I'm going to Avril's Concert tomorrow! Wahaha!!! I'm so excited!

I won this ticket from a raffle care of mentos. Hmmm, by spending about P200 for the mentos candies and mailing fee, I bet that I can get a ticket. And I did, (because of luck, I suppose)...

It's a break for me after 4 days of exams...

But then again, my term paper for j100 is due tomorrow, so I better get going....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Screening ng Laman Loob

Kasabay sa paglabas ng bagong movie, tulad ng Miss Congeniality 2, into Philippine Cinemas, ang Laman Loob naman ay ipinalabas na for PUBLIC VIEWING.

Kung inyong matatandaan, ito ang film na kung saan ako ay naging isang aktor. (see It's A Wrap, Feeling Artista Na and Bigla ba naman...). Di naman ako ang bida dito, supporting role lang, pero main cast pa rin.

Well anyway, ito po ay unang inilabas for public viewing kanina for ate Liar's thesis defense. Almost 100 people watched the screening sa CMC Room B1, along with the panel of film professors. Pang-apat na ipinalabas yun film.

Nung it was time na for Ate Liar's film to be shown, kinakabahan na ako. Gusto kong takpan yun mata ko, magtago sa kumot. Gusto ko rin silang palabasin lahat!

So comments ko lang, parang, alam mo yun, parang hindi ako yun. Ewan ko ba?! Naasiwa ako everytime na maririnig ko yun boses ko. It feels really awkward seeing yourself on a big screen and all people looking at it. Pero ok ang film, ang ganda-ganda! It was a really good film, naappreciate din nung ibang tao and grabe yun palakpakan afterwards. Then people started looking at me, ewan ko ba?! (ikaw ba yun nasa film?? Talaga??)

So, anong sabi ng panel of film professors?

Technical comments, editing, visual development, story line... I forgot na yun iba, Wala naman akong naiintindihan dun. Then sabi nila, "Good Acting Daw". Sa loob-loob ko, WHAT??? Good Acting, ako? Talaga?.... bakit para sa akin, hindi maganda yun acting ko. Wahaha. Nakakakahiya. Pero, siguro nga maganda talaga yun acting, but it seems na I don't have the eye in seeing it or it's just that it's really hard to give myself a nice compliment.

Maganda daw yun chemistry nun mga actors, the only "not-so-good" comment na sinabi nila ay mukha daw malulusog yun mga actors compared to the thin, poor characters na they should had portrayed. Pero sabi nga ni Victor, dapat tanggapin ko na isa yun compliment kasi it means that I don't really look like an embalsamador. hehe.

All in all, according to the film professors, The film was really good and I definitely agree with them.

Hihingi nga ako ng copy ko from Ate Liar, then ibebenta ko sa Quiapo (harhar, joking).

CHEERS for the whole TEAM ng LAMAN LOOB especially to Ate Liar! We all did a really good job! Congratulations!

On other news,

Start na ng medyo mahabang bakasyon ko, so I'll start studying na for my 4 final exams and do my term paper, all due for next week. Sana matapos ko 'to.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Too Bad.

The so-called "People's Champion", Manny Pacquiao, lost his match today with Morales. I don't really care, actually. But it seems that our nation's pride was at stake (for some people) during that game. I'm not happy nor happy that he lost, losing is part of life. You cannot win forever.

I just hope that people (and even the media) won't sensationalize his lost. (Baka kasi sabihin nanaman na dinaya si Pacquiao or something, which I believe na di naman. It was a fair game). Filipinos talaga, masyadong mataas ang pride.

On other news, I feel sorry about the stabbing that happened last Thursday. ( see news). I'm really glad that the suspect was caught. Those hokd-up incidents at the Beta-way always happens. Even one of my orgmates fell victim to those people. I won't walk at the Beta Way again. Sigh.

Survivor Update:
A pretty big twist, both tribes voted and Willard and Angie's torches were unlit. Too bad, I really like them both. (TRIVIA: Willard and Angie were the two people that were selected last during the tribemate selection on the first episode.)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Friday, March 18, 2005

Hell Week Begins

Compared to my other classmates/UP friends, I felt Hell Week a little late. I always cram and maybe that was the reason that I began noticing its gravity a little bit (too)late. (And, the weather's beginning to become hot, so maybe I am starting to feel like I'm in hell.HARHAR)

I got so many things to do, yet there's little or no time at all to study. Here are my requirements/activities on coming two weeks.

Journalism 100

*Term Paper on "The Undesirable Publications Act of Singapore and its Implications to Press Freedom". (I chose the topic, so I all blame goes to me for thinking a very difficult topic.)

*Finals Exam after Holy Week

English 1:

*Finals Departmental Exam after Holy Week

*Revised copy of my Descriptive essay due on the same date of my departmental exam.

Social Science 1:

*Finals Exam again after Holy Week.

Social Science 2:

I don't know, kung tapos na kami dito. No announced activities, as of now.

Chemistry 1:

*Finals Exam again after holy week (and mahirap ito kaya double effort)


*Practical Exam this coming Tuesday.

***PLUS: Organization Activities, Bum Time, Preparation for Summer, ETC.

As in my performance this semester is a bit mediocre so I need to push my grades up.

It will be a really hectic and busy Holy Week. As in on Good Friday, I might be drowning myself at my computer doing school work (but still, I'll find time for church.)

After hell week, summer classes will begin. (Think: In three years, I'll be out of college.)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

How I Miss High School

March nanaman and it had been almost a year since I graduated from High School. How I miss Angelicum, ewan ko ba.. four years lang ako dun nagaral, then again it seemed na I was there forever... I'll post nalang the ten reasons why I miss Angelicum (and high school.)

Image hosted by


10. I miss updating every March ng aking Swimming. Every March since nun YS8 (1st yr) ako, naguupdate na ako ng swimming, mapa-freestyle man o butterfly. Ewan ko kahit I hated this thing, nakakamiss pa rin.

9. I miss Sto. Domingo Church. I love this church, ang laki-laki niya, I remember pagbababa ako sa jeepney, bababa ako dun sa may middle part ng church, then I'll go inside then dadaan sa Sto. Domingo Gate ng school namin.

8. I miss the ChocoFloat at Fried Chicken sa Baby's Canteen.

Iba talaga ang Fried Chicken ng Baby's Canteen, walang sinabi ang MCdo or KFC. Then also ang every so sweet na ChocoFloat, sana magtinda sila sa UP.

7. I miss calling myself as YS__. Since I'm from a non-graded school, wala kami Grade 1-6 na standing, we only call them as YS or Years in School. Wala lang, kahit corny, I love those terms.

6. I miss playing softball. Haay, nakakamiss magsoftball! ewan ko ba, kahit di naman ako ganun ka-eager maglaro nito nung HS (and still may Gold medal pa rin ako for this), I miss playing it. Kasi nakakaalis ng stress and yet challenging you pa to go further.

5. I miss some of my Moderators/Learning Facilitators. Haay, it seems weird, pero I miss them. I miss Gordo's "HALA!HALA!" or Mrs. Magsino's "weird intonation". I miss some of my teachers nun!
Image hosted by

4. I miss doing modules.
I miss those photocopied papers compiled into a folder we call as a module. Ito ang ginagamit namin instead of books. Nakakamiss maguwi nito tapos di mo naman babasahin. Gagawin mo yun Pre-test, Activities then yun Post-Test. I miss doing Mastery Activities or MAs. Instead of having periodical exams, ito ang ginagawa namin. After ng isang lesson, we'll take an MA. Pagnakapasa ka dito, ayos! pag hindi, take ulit or re-answer.

3. I miss Angelicum Nth.
Haay, ang school paper namin. Nun YS11 (4th yr.) ko lang to na enjoy, but still namimiss ko na siya. Bugging the writers to pass their article, using Ms. Doty's Digicam para magkuha ng pics. Makakuha ng free access sa mga events dahil member ka ng paper. Then again, i'll still have to deal with it nga
yon since I'm taking up Journalism.

2. I miss the Non Graded System. Haay, alam mo yun.. you don't need to worry about getting a 2.0 or a 3.0 from your exam. Ang kailangan mo lang ay makapasa. Pagbumagsak ka, all you need to do is to retake it. Dati nga, I took 10 exams sa isang module ng YS8 Math. Kahit ganun, di pa rin ako nagworry masyado. Tapos, pag PTC na, makikita mo kung ilang modules nalang tatapusin mo. Tapos meron din nakapost sa Bulletin Board na module list, then you'll highlight your accomplished modules. Ang masaya noon, you don't have to worry on what grade you'll get as long as pumasa ka. Kaya siguro, nadala ko yun ngayon sa college.

1. I miss my High School Friends. Haay, I miss everyone. From the geekaloids to the Frat members. Ewan ko, namiss ko ang tawanan, iyakan, awayan at kung ano-ano pa. I miss St. Elizabeth, MSG etc. Miss ko lahat kayo.

At yun nga, how I miss na nasa Angelicum pa rin ako but I need to move on. But those memories won't be forgotten.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comKim went Bye-bye as she was voted off on the latest episode. Tune in next week, there will be a twist "daw".

Thursday, March 10, 2005

(Not So Good) Academic Standing.

Thanks Victor for inspiring me to post something about UP academics.

Just got two exam results today and they were not pretty.

First, I got the exam result of my Journalism100 midterms. I did passed (fortunately) but it was not a good grade. I got a 2.5...haay, and i got the lowest grade among my friends. A little bit embarrassing. It made me think tuloy that maybe I'm not really meant for journalism. I don't know. I chose this field during the UPCAT because I was the Managing Editor of our paper and the fact that they said that I can get into UP better. (and also pala this can be a good pre-law). It made me think about shifting. Maybe in BS Econ or BS BE perhaps but still I don't know.

Then next I got naman my result from my midterms in my Socsci 1 class. At least it was a little better compared to my j100 midterms. I also did passed but I do see that my score was a bit mediocre. The problem was I did study about all the details on our lecture but not the big picture or the general topics. Haay, maybe I'll do better next time.

Finals week aka Hell Week namin after ng holy week ( di ba parang ang ganda ng combination). Almost lahat ng subjects ko may final exam compared last semester na PE lang ang subject ko na may finals. So I'll strive during the next two weeks so that at least makakuha ako ng mataas na grade at sana maging CS man lang.

But on the happier part, I won the elections for Research and Academic Training Team Director position in UP MCO and I got 100% of the votes. Buti pa dito nakakakuha ako ng mataas. Sana ganun din sa aking acads.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Convention Moments

Ngayon lang ako nakapagPOST ulit. Wala kasi akong ma-post eh.

Last weekend is my so-called "Convention Weekend". Kasi both Saturday and Sunday I spent in a convention. I should be doing my Eng1 paper pero what-the-heck, minsan lang naman yun dadarating, I can do my paper naman sa gabi.

Dapat di na ako pupunta dito, but still ewan ko sinipag ako. Attended a whole day convention entitled "Media and the youth rebuilding the nation". On my way there, nawala ulit ako. (kahit taga-UP na ako). Pumasok ako sa isang building, ang yabang ko pa kasi siyempre taga-UP ako kaya alam ko mga pasikot-sikot. Eh nun pagpasok ko dun sa isang door, napahiya ako di pala dun yun NISMED.

Attended the talk with Ate Armi, Janet, Bev and Sarah (along with Charles & Patrick my J100 classmates). Hmmm, the talk on the morning was a bit boring, yay! pero some good lessons though. Bias kasi yun president ng ABS-CBN.

Had lunch at Chowking! Yumm!!! love ko talaga ang halo-halo dito!!!! YumYum. Bloated ako after.

Then by the afternoon, the talk got better. Mr. Tort, the Managing Editor of the Business World, is a good speaker. Many good pointers! Then Mrs. Apostol also gave a good talk. Medyo magulo nga lang. Wala akong naintindihan sa sinabi ni Laurice Guillen, sorry!. So i just looked around the hall, noticed some FUNNY persons, hihi. Nagtatawanan tuloy kami lahat pagkatapos. (Won't say the reason, SORRY!)

Universitas, a new organization, organized the event. I was impressed by all their effort, kulang lang talaga sa publicity. Sana ako maka-organize din ng ganun kalaking symposium. Gusto ko kayang sumali sa Universitas, interesting kasi eh. Pero sabi nila for University Scholars lang yun. Pag-ganun, di ako pwede. Sigh.

Attended the YFC Covenant for our sector. Onti lang ng umatend, ang weird nga eh. Ku ng kelan ako nandun, saka naman sila mawawala. Haaay! Pero at least, I got to be with some of my YFC friends. Haay! Kulang lang talaga ata sa preparation. Learned some things din, but most natutunan ko na nung camp at from high school.

Haay. I'll stop writing na. I need to finish my English paper.


Image hosted by Photobucket.comJeff is gone because of his sore ankle. Sayang!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pangasinan Trip

Kakagaling ko lang mula sa trip ko sa Pangasinan. Pumunta kasi ako dun para sa debut birthday na aking HS Friend na si Jeka. Ito na ang pinakamalayong overnight party ko. Feeling ko palayo ako ng palayo. Dati nasa UP lang ako, tapos umabot ng Fairview then sa Rizal ngayon sa Pangasinan. San kaya susunod?

Umalis kami dito sa Manila ng 6am kahapon. Ako nga lang ang representative ng HS friends ni Jeka dahil yun iba daw busy. Masaya ang biyahe, first time ko makapunta sa Pangasinan kaya todo sight seeing ako (kaya lang nakatulog ako dun sa ibang part).

Sa Malasiqui, Pangasinan ang bahay nila Jeka. Pagdating ko dun, hmmm pinakilala ako dun sa mga kapamilya at classmate niya from UP Baguio. Ang hirap pag ikaw lang magisa at wala kang kakilala. I felt out-of-place nun kasama ko yun mga friends ni Jeka from UP Baguio. But after nun, medyo nakausap ko na rin sila (mostly UPd topics ang pinaguusapan).

Image hosted by Photobucket.comPumunta kami sa San Fabian upang magswimming sa beach. Enjoy naman ang beach kahit medyo mainit at itchy. Nakapag-practice din ulit ako ng aking mga skills sa swimming. Haay!

Then nun gabi ,start na ng debut program ni Jeka. Hawaiian ang theme ng party, so obviously naka Hawaiian outfit ako (sorry wala akong pictures!). I'm part of the 18 laces (replacement ng 18 roses sa typical debut party). Naks! Nun tinawag yun pangalan ko, meron pang kadugtong na "UP Diliman". Pinapakita talaga na dayo pa ako from Manila, feeling ko pampered na ako. Image hosted by

After nun may kainan at sayawan na. Di rin nawala ang liquor drinking. Nakainom ba naman ng Red Wine, Gin at Sparkling Juice sa iisang event. Tapos first time ko rin makainom ng Bailey's! Ang Sarap niya!!!! Mahal lang kasi.Image hosted by

Gusto ko sana di na matulog hanggang umaga, kaya lang di ko nakayanan natulog na rin ako ng 2am. Nagising ako ng mga 6am at naisipan kong mag-billiards. First time ko maglaro, pero at least napapasok ko ang billiard ball dun sa hole. Hehe.

Umuwi na kami ng after lunch. Natulog lang ako almost ng boung biyahe. Haay, mamimiss ko pangasinan, masarap pala dun. Gusto ko ulit bumalik.

Ashlee is gone.

Waiting in Vain by M.Y.M.P.

Ang init!

Ang aga ng summer!!! Ang init na! Waaah! Tataas nanaman kuryente namin nito.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Call Center

Our new HP scanner that my uncle from the US gave us is not working. As I place the installer CD inside, a pop-up comes out saying that the scanner is not supported by my computer! Hmmpph.

So, I decided to call up the customer care hotline of HP. I am not really fond of calling these hotlines for the reason that they don't really give that much help. So then I called the number, pressed a few buttons then waited while a mellow music soothes (or irritates) me out.

Finally I got into the line. The guy on the other line speaks with British accent. Probably he is not a Filipino but I assume that he is an Indian. While on the conversation, I keep on saying "pardon" because I don't really understand what he is saying. Also, my english words starts to run out but I would like to congratulate that I had uttered my words continuously. Harhar.He asked some questions pertaining to my problem. He gave me some advices (I hope his advices will work.). He was also suggesting that I buy a new scanner or something (I don't really understand what he is saying). But finally, I just cut off our conversation because it was leading to nonsense.

I learn a new lesson, Never work on a call center. (But then again, who knows?)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is about J.M. Barrie's (played by Johnny Depp)story on how he had formulated his famous book, Peter Pan. I don't want to elaborate about the story because I really want you to watch it.

Johnny Depp's performance was superb. As compared to his portrayal in Pirates of the Caribbean, he completely removed his trademark quirk. But still I love the way he spoke with a Scottish Accent even though I do have problems understanding what he is saying because the DVD copy has no subtitle feature. Sigh. Also along with all-star
cast members like Dustin Hoffman and Kate Winslet it is truly a magical film. I would also like to note the performance of the kid who portrayed Peter, he is so great.

Truly, the Oscar people were right giving the film nominations like Best Actor for Johnny Depp, Achievement in Art Direction, Costume Design, Film Editing, Original Score, Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. I hope Johnny Depp will win the Best Actor Award.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Thumbs Up