Sunday, June 01, 2008

Backpacking in Bicol: Budget to Donsol

For those who are planning to go to Donsol soon, here's a rough estimate of expenses:


Manila - Naga/Legaspi - P600-P800 (one way via bus)
Legaspi - Donsol - P60 (one-way van)
Donsol tricycle
to tourism office P30 (per trip)

TOTAL TRANSPORTATION: P1400-1700 round trip

FOOD (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Budget Meals P100 per day
Medium Level meals P200 per day
Hotel Meals P350 per day

TOTAL FOOD - P 200-P700 for two days (overnight in Donsol)


Room 1 Double Bed P500-P1000
Room 2 Double Beds P1000-P1500

TOTAL ACCOMMODATION - P1000 (P250 per person) for one day


Boat (7 Persons) P3500 (P500 per person at least)
Registration P100 (local)
P300 (foreigner)

Snorkel P150
Fins P150

Total: P900 (boat, registration, snorkel, fins) per trip


Boat (5 persons) P1250.00

Total: P250


Transportation - P1400 P1700
Food: - P200 P350
Accommodation - P500 P1500
Whale Shark - P900
Fireflies* - P250

TOTAL BUDGET - at least P3000 (without fireflies)

*add some spare cash just in case you have to add money for paying the extra at the boat (sometimes, 7 people per boat is not filled so you have to pay extra)

BEST BET - P3500-P4000

c'mon! Let's Donsol na!