Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sarah made my day


I saw Sarah Geronimo yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaah! I'm a secret fan of Sarah Geronimo, haha. She graduated along with my sister yesterday and Sarah was seating two pews away from my sister. COOL! haha. she has a picture nga with Sarah on the background... haha.

Even when I'm in Angelicum, alam ko na na nandun si Sarah, but never saw her. And I was glad when I heard that she's graduating with my sister. haha. She sang our school hymn pa. haha.

wala lang. starstruck. nakakainis lang, ang daming tao dun which made the grad ceremony magulo.

pero still, sarah made my day (and the dinner buffet after, haha)

Watsons beauty kit fit for a queen. (my article from Business Mirror)

Haha. So OK, I have one week left prior to the end of my internship. And so far, things are going great. I will surely miss working with FH. Even riding the MRT too. But, I'll make the best out of my 1 week left.

Anyway, here's one of the articles that I wrote for them. It was published in Business Mirror last Wednesday. Then this article again was also published in Manila Standard Today. :)
Yee! haha. (I know, mayabang)

Of school and other ek-ek (posted 042107)

I'm glad that I was able to maintain my standing. Promise, I thought I'm gonna be punished for being so lax last semester. But at least, some of my hard work paid off. haha.COM-RES is finally over! and by the way, I got my first 1.0!!! I mean, it's not really a big deal for some, but for me, I'm glad that I got one finally. haha. I'm too GC.

Anyway, with my internship and all. I'm practically. eat.travel.work.travel.eat.sleep.

That's about it basically, so I'm finding excuses just to have relax. Last week, I practically spent school days with my college friends eating and walking around SM. Boring pero I need them. I also want to go to Quiapo and hoard DVDs. Heroes, Prison Break and OTH seasons will be over, so I should get their DVDs na.

Anyway, I finally got a DVD copy of EMPIRE of the SUN! It's original, not that expensive. Pero, I'm glad that I got one!

Avril has a new CD, I haven't checked the stores yet. But I'll get one, for sure. Once I have my credit card bill cleaned (which is actually impossible, haha)

Ang corny ng ending ng Sana Maulit Muli - wala lang. I got a glimpse of the ending yesterday. Ang corny. May plug pa ng jolibee. haha.

I'm actually learning Italian thanks to Learn How To Speak Italian Podcast. While in the MRT or walking etc. I know how to count to 100 in italian. uno, due, tre...

I'm also reading Chronicles of Narnia. I'm done with the first book. (sorry, slow)

I actually miss traveling abroad during summer. After graduation nalang.

Internship Update (posted 042107)

take back what I said about riding the MRT, it's HELL to ride the MRT every rush hour.

I'm almost two weeks in my internship andMore than half of the required hours needed in the course.

So how's work, you ask?

One word. STRENUOUS. Work load it's pretty much on the right terms. Work is actually what I've expected it to be. I'm normally in office from 8AM to 7PM everyday. Tasks are mostly on writing press releases, so far I did two and news monitoring. Their were some activities that involved going outside which I also enjoy. (sorry, medyo confidential yun iba)

Anyway, I enjoy working at Fleishman-Hillard. They really treat their interns well. We have nice bosses and practically a well-kept office. Food is overflowing plus we get to choose what food to pruchase. I enjoy the food, yun palang OK na.

They really offer challenging work which I really enjoy. So far, everything's OK.

The only think I don't like about this summer's internship is the travel to makati. I know, many of my friends express this sentiment. (check Vic's blog - http://www.bikoy.net) Travel time is 2 hours. I hate riding the MRT with lines that will take you 30 minutes just to move on the lines. Blessing ang STORED VALUE card. which actually cuts the time! Promise, for those who haven't one, GET ONE!

Basta, I'm considering taking the bus from Paseo to SM north, but it's not good naman. So, I'm pretty much stuck on the MRT for two weeks.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Last Saturday night, we were having our Ambassadors' Night (one of AIESEC's event) at a place in Marina Bay Homes in Paranaque. (It's near Manila Bay).

We were having our socials event at a lot at the back of a vacant house. Before that night, we went to the place with one of the homeowners' association member of the village and she told us that the place has been vacant for months and the owners rarely visit the place. That's why we were allowed to have our party at the back of the house assuming that there's no one there.

So, there we were, having fun and having our usual AIESEC socials activities. Then some of the people noticed that the lights went on at the house's second floor. No one reacted since most of the people didn't know that the house was vacant. For us, we assumed that someone was there.

Then, we saw a shadow of a man walking left to right from the window. Then we heard the windows banging as if someone was so angrily moving them to and fro. And when I say bang, Bang talaga!

Then after, we all heard a loud scream saying GET OUT!. and it's so loud that everyone was startled. Then, the daughter of the homeowner assoc member screamed and told everyone to leave the place.

As in it was really really spooky.

Later that night, eva, daniel and I went to that house and we saw that it was bare with no furnitures what so ever.

The next morning, we talked again to the homeowner officer and she verified that there was no one at that house that night.


It was my first haunting experience ever.

Friday, February 23, 2007


iba na ang atmosphere sa school ngayon, elections na kasi. yup, pati sa UP, elections mode na rin. sa BA puno ng colorful pictures, iba talaga pag may funds. sa cmc, puro red at yellow naman. in fairness, di nalang isang party ngayon ang nasa CMC, dalawa na sila. dati parang yes or no votes lang at least ngayon pipili ka na talaga.

Pero ang dilemma, mahirap pumili. grabe, marami ako dun friends at marami din akong di kilala. haha. nga pala, dahil MCO ang hahawak ng meeting de avance, medyo dapat non-partisan ako. rule daw yun. kaya parang, yun mga orgmates ko di ko rin maikampanya, kasi nga dapat non-partisan. hirap kaya nun. bawal yun mga colored pins na corny na dinidikit pero natatanggal din. last year, puno yun bag ko ng mga kung ano-anong stickers. pero di ko naman sila binoto. haha. for design lang.

inisip ko tuloy kung tumakbo ba ako last year, ano na kaya nangyari sa akin? haha. baka tumatakbo na ako for chairperson ng CMC-SC ngayon or something. pero ayoko naman nun.

tapos ka-YM ko si wivi kanina, pinaguusapan namin kung paano kami magiiwan ng legacy sa UP

DISCLAIMER: Purely fictional lang po ito, haha. wag niyo gamitin evidence if ever na meron ngang mangyaring ganto.

Wivi: i have just one year left in UP....i have to leave a legacy!
Wivi: like i did angelicum
Jeck: maybe, someone will be shot sa council niyo
Jeck: or something
Wivi: if that happens it would be my doing

Grabe, tama bang i suggest ko yun? haha. It gets worse.

Jeck: only up student who snipered a council member
Wivi: now that's something!
Wivi: you gave me a great idea
Wivi: i'll leave my legacy in up years after i left it
Jeck: maybe you can
Wivi: death to UP!
Wivi: Wivi, a UP alumnus, caused the most embarassing demise of the University of the Philippines!

haha. so much for our love of our alma mater. oo na, evil na kami.

Grabe, i miss hanging with that guy. Iba pa rin talaga pag sa angelicum galing.

Speaking of angelicum, nakita ko si Paula Geron last thursday. Ang weird nga eh, yun hs friend ng college friend ko ay friend din ni paula.

Kim: Jerick, punta ka dito sa chocokiss, nandito classmate mo, section elizabeth
Jerick: Sino?
Kim: basta pumunta ka nalang...
Jerick: (calls Kim tapos sinagot ni pauie)
Pauie on phone: Jerick, di mo ako nakikilala, long lost friend mo ako?
Jerick: (clueless)

Pero, grabe na miss ko talaga si pauie and most of my hs friends. Grabe, nagusap kami the whole night. Na-OP nga namin yun mga barkada ni kim... Iba talaga pag taga-ange. Tapos naalala ko tuloy yun "past" ko. haha. aaaw. moving forward.

Ilang buwan nalang, tapos na ang second semester. Salamat naman.

Tapos internship na namin!

Mabuti naman ang paghahanap ng internship place. Medyo may dalawa ng nagreply. Dun sa isang diyaryo, medyo ok na, contract signing nalang. Tapos yun isang PR firm naman, may interview pa ako. Tapos dun sa mga iba kong pinasahan ko, medyo hinihintay ko na lang tumawag. Sigur, tawagan ko na sila. haha. sometime.

Pero, di muna ako tatatanggap unless sure na ako gusto ko dun.

Grabe, ang updated ko na sa heroes. thanks to mia and steph, napapanood ko na ang latest heroes episodes. So far, episode 16 na ako. hopefully mapapanood ko na siya. Grabe, dahil dun gusto ko ng magka-super powers.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

shut up and listen

Keeping the mouth shut and listening are the best things for everyone to do now.