Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I don't know

Di ko alam ang gagawin ko. ang daming kaguluhan, ang daming dapat gawin. parang di tumitigil ang kamalasan. puro na lang kamalasan.

+ i lost my cheerleading attendance. i'll try to talk to my prof. but i'm ready to drop that subject, pero sayang naman ang aking mga gastos dun

+ di ko pa naayos ang MAJOR ISSUE, putol-putol pa rin ang pagasenso nito at hello! sa sept. 1 na siya. waaah!

+ solo interview ko na sa UJP next week. good luck to me.

+ 2 lang ang nakuha ko sa 1st exam ko sa polsci. sayang. i'm really hoping for a much higher grade. much higher!..better luck next time

+ sorry, no time to update/upload/ek-ek. sa sem break na lang.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Super delayed updates

School had been to busy for me to handle. 8 subjects, 2 organizations, tons of extra curricular activities and other small time social life escapes had been filling my life this first semester.

Just a big run through of events:

* I had my PolSci exam kanina which was very frustrating. I studied for almost a week for that exam hoping for a better grade but it do seem a little bit blurry. Pangasar lang kasi, I did review for the exam, but pagdating ko dun all went blank. Tapos, there were this pesky rallyista na nanggugulo sa class (who took at least 5 minutes of my precious exam time), which resulted to a crammed essay answers and unreadable penmanship.

* Also, I had my Comm100 exam last Thursday, it was not that hard nor that easy. Nakakalito lang talaga.

* We had our geography field trip last Saturday at Tagaytay and Taal Volcano...I'll upload pictures later.

* I hate my Art Stud class, it is boring, our prof gives us tons of useless readings and he discusses it in ther useless way possible. Kung di ko lang enjoy kasama yun mga classmates ko dun, I probably will cut class or drop it out.

* My comm3 class is like my "panira" class, alam mo yun, you do study for an exam, tapos biglang sisingit yun Comm3 activities..wahahaha!

* J101 ko? wala lang as in wala lang...no stories whatsoever. Boring.

* I had watched 5 games for my cheerleading ( I watched the UE game only during the first quarter) and kung andun ako, the UP team wins. (No joke, I completely watched the games VS DLSU, UST, AdU and NU and we won over those games while I watched the UE game til the first quarter and UP was leading by the time I left)...Lucky charm ng Maroons ako! (I won't be watching this Saturday's game with FEU..so?)

* Panakit-katawan ang judo class ko. Sore shoulders, arms and legs were the results of my almost 2 month's judo PE. but it's working ha, I can do more pushups and situps!

* I am applying in UJP-UP this semester, I don't know kung kaya ko lang because of my super dami kong commitmetns. Pero kaya yan because of the support from the caring members and my co-apps. Pero sana matapos ko siya...

* MCO had been under the radar for this sem. We had garnered lots of internal problems that I hope can be resolved.

* Na move ulit ang major issue, bwisit na speakers yan! I want to get through na nga ito, so that wala na akong trabaho masyado! Hehe

So yun muna, I'll put some pics later.