Thursday, April 27, 2006

Big Bother

With all that crap on local TV today, the new season of PBB adds on the long list of semi-crap to utterly stupid local TV shows. Hmmm. I'm so pissed that I can't write anything about it. Very disappointing.

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I'm glad that no one from UP joined. (We'll I know someone from UP who should have been there but ended up not going, good for him.:))

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Couch Jump

I just got my grades last semester. For the first time, I captured the College Scholar mark that Ilonged been hoping for.

Also, I was removed from the probation list of our department.

It was really a blessing.

Economics 100.1 - 1.25
Broadcast 100 - 1.5
Film 100 - 1.5
Communication 140 - 1.5
Natural Science - 1.5
Journalism 102 - 2.0

PE Tap Dancing - 1.75

GWA - 1.54167

I feel like jumping! Couch jumping like Tom Cruise.
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(Katie just gave birth to a baby girl, her name is Suri.)

Kudos! Magpapainom ako. :P

Friday, April 14, 2006

Erika's Debut

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These are not my JS Prom pictures rather pictures of Eka's debut party last March 31 at the Intercontinental. I was invited as one of the 18 treasures wherein you have to give a reason why you'll be giving her YOUR gift. No fancy soaps, lotions, necklaces, or those candles and teddy bear gifts that I commonly give to those debut parties I had attended to.

But I think I went too far back into "strange" gifts category. I gave her a Fighting fish in a bowl. Weird? Strange? or plain whatthe? I hope she had appreciated and probably will remember it years from now. I'm now... jerick the fish trainer.

It was really hard to carry and she told me that she had a hard time carrying it back home. Haha.

Well, all for a girl's (ehem. lady's) best night.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Bakit ang mga boys walang debut party?? Are we always the gift giver and not the gift-receiver? hehe. :P

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Summer heat's really different here in Manila. I want to go somewhere cool. Haaay!

Summer enrollment starts tomorrow. My first manual enlisting of subjects (in my case, subject). Well, you won't experience the true UP without the pilas. haaay!