Sunday, July 09, 2006

One month in one entry

I'll try to make my entry short. I don't want to put all the things that happened last June.


I turned 19 last June 28. Oh yeah. It's a school day, so I was in school. I got to UP at around 12 and went directly to church to attend mass. Before starting my day (school day that is), I want to thank the Lord.

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Then, I attended my class in CMC. I was greeted loudly by my MCO friends. Probably the whole masscomm heard them shouting.I attended my C141 class after. I despise that class and it's probably the longest 3 hours ever. I just can't wait to get out. Worst class I think this semester.

Then, I went to see my family at SM. We ate pizza. How I enjoy having a PALM CARD. Iba talaga,busog kung busog. Then we went to see Superman which opened also on that day.

I find the movie Superman Returns as probably one of the best and well-crafted superhero movies ever. I find it better than Spiderman and Xmen3. The plot was so intriguing and surprising that it really puts you into what is happening. And the special effects? need I say more. Of course it's stunning, the scenes were REALLY well done.

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Now, I feel how hard it is to be on 21 units. As I said before, Im taking 7 subjects this semester namely C141, C120, Econ100.2, J121, J152, Film110 and Film104. There are some good and very interesting subjects but there are those which I find really boring (refer to entry above). 3 months na lang!


I got an Ipod Nano as a gift from my Tito. It was supposed to be a reward for me being CS last semester. But since I received it only this June as my tita got back from her Europe trip, it was also a pseudo-birthday gift.

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It now has 401 songs compiled from my CDs and old MP3s.


The cup will come to an end today (tonight is the finals). The final round is between France and Italy. My two favorite world cup teams, Mexico and also Spain got eliminated in the quarter finals . Now, I'm rooting for Italy. I can't watch tonight's game since I have class tomorrow, dahil bawal magpuyat. I'll watch the replay na lang tomorrow at RPN 9.

Well, that's it for now.


patty said...

you're only 19?!? now i feel old.

Vain said...

on the contrary, i think spidey's still better than that guy with his undies out. heehee

coool! iPod nano! now you can strut around BA and fake that you're really from there. wehehehe

jerick said...

@patty - yes, im younger than you. :P

@ivy - haha. im too bias eh. i love the man with the cape. :P. with ipod, haha. marami din naman sa cmc ang may ganun.