Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So how do you think Belgian music sounds like?

A concert in Botanique Nuit is a good way to enjoy Belgium’s and some of the world’s indie music scene. Staged on the beautiful glass building of Jardin Botanique, this 2 week event gathers indie bands (and some popular names) within Belgium & its neighbors.

I went last Saturday to see Absynthe Minded, a Belgian band that I recently just started listening. The concert was great. Absynthe Minded fused together classical instruments into pop-rock music. Bass Violin, violin, piano & trumpet are instruments that I have never seen since yesterday in a rock concert. However, I agree with a friend of mine who mentioned that their songs are somewhat a bit pop. Though, I don’t see anything wrong about it. Don’t know if this is how Belgian music generally sounds like.

It’s also nice to see a mainly Belgian crowd & actually watch my first only-Belgian band in concert. And what's ironic even is that the band somewhat reflected the current structure of Belgium – they’re a Ghent-based band (so they’re Flemish), who spoke to the audience in French & sang their songs in English. Only in Belgium, my friends.

See a video from the event (the video’s not mine)

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