Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Revisiting Friendster: Best "testimonials"

With Friendster closing its social media arm by 31st of May, I've exported all the old posts from my account for the past 8 years. I've read through most of my posts and messages, most of them are thoughtful, others are plain quirky. Here's a look back to the best Friendster "testimonials" over the past 8 years- thanks for the fond memories.

This was from my classmate in my Math 1 class written a short time after our report on Philippine ethno-mathematics. We did the report in full barong and even played sungka after - we got 1.0.

Jerick is another one of my potential actors in my future non-existent film career....If ever Jerick doesn't become a journalist or a lawyer or and economist, OR an actor (which he canpotentially could as I mentioned), he can always go back to being an ermitanyo-in-a-burka-whatever and continue being a good friend to all. (CG)
I can't remember that I have once thought of transferring to Ateneo or running for USC chair. Freshman years!

jerick parrone (pronounced pa-rown)hehe!.... siya po ay isang journ major sa unibersidad ng pilipinas, diliman! nakakalungkot nga lang kasi balak daw niyang magtransfer sa ateneo (pronounced arneo) :) naks naman! eneweyz, ka-course ko po siya at ka-bio pa (kabayo?! nyahaha!). masaya kasama yan kasi maraming kuwento at maraming alam sa maraming bagay. ang laki nga ng tulong niya sakin kasi lagi po akong clueless. hahay.... at ito pa! mr. congeniality itong si jerick! yep, balak ngang tumakbo niyan bilang isang USC chair eh... go! go! go!!! isang bagay lang ang di nakakatuwa sa kanya. ayaw niya kay BAMBOO! aaarrrggghh! hmph! bahala siya... rakista pa man din.hehehe! (D.I.)
Post from a childhood friend - good times!

naalala mo rin yung mga bahay bahay o resort resort o yung mga Happy Meal ng Mcdo o Sineskwela o origami at saranggola, lalong lalo na yung "Magandang pasko nga po?" Ang dami pa... kulang ang space. (MP)
A post from a good friend of mine right after I posted a bulletin note asking people to write me testimonial. Indeed, she was right - but I think without me asking for people to write me one, I wouldn't have good material for this post. ;-)
OMG. You are the last person I expect to -ask- for testimonials. (And it actually clicked!) I mean, come on. Do you really need people to clickie your website and tell you what a great guy you are? Just a thought.~ (BI)
What happened to Jeremy Marquez, is he still alive? LOL. 
Naalaala ko si Jeremy Marquez na kamukha mo pero lamang pa rin siya ng sampung paligo! (RC)
One of the most thoughtful post on my account. Came from a person I once considered very special to me. 
Thinking of Jerick reminds me
....of the first box of yummy brownies he shared with me during our 1st day as seatmates in Pol Sci 14 class.
....of the eccentric exchanges of shaggy dog stories and chuckles every time before discussions began.
....of the worried moments we spent reviewing for our an-hour-to-go exam or recitation maybe.
.... of the short but really fun walks down the hallways of Palma Hall after classes
.... of the sweet text messages and hearty conversations over lunch
.... of a reliable seatmate, a bright classmate, a thoughtful friend.
... of someone Ill miss fooling around with. Haha! :-D (VG)
 HAHA. Post from 2005. She's still slim - and I'm not anymore.

 jerick parrone. that's life. sometimes you get fat. sometimes you don't. we're both choco kiss adiks & we're both slim! wahaha! (KR)
 I did compete in Judo on the 50kg category. But I still miss going to judo classes.

 kahit di masyadong malaman e...keri ang judo...:P ahaha:P joke lng..kumain ka kasi..:P (MQ)

JERRRICCKKKK!!!!! I MIIIIISSSS UUUUU!!!!! hehe *summer's a bummer but peepz lyk us keep gettin hotter!* (RS)
This ad is still available. 
hear ye! hear ye! Calling all eligible  women ages 18 to 100 y/o to take a  freakin good look at this down right good  lookin man here! lucky me! i met him.. (RS)

I took it out of context, but it's just funny this way.

mating partner ko to e (DV)
High school love. LOL. 

Kakaiba rin itong magmahal - walang kapantay! kahit ginagago na  siya, sige parin! (MM)

I  mentioned to my friend, Rach, that our youth have grown in parallel with the evolution of social networks. All the awkwardness of our teenage years are imprinted online on social networks such as Friendster, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.


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