Monday, October 10, 2005

Breakfast Club

Kakagaling ko lang kahapon sa induction ng UJP (Union of Journalists of the Philippines) - UP Diliman. Second org ko na ito sa UP at siguro I'll stop on that number na. My plans for training in Judo had been postponed kasi di ko na makakayanan!

Wala akong pwedeng sabihin sa induction kasi it's a secret. Ayoko ko ng i-elaborate yun details, para if ever kung may nagbabasa nito na magaapply ng UJP ay at least meron man lang "sensational" idea at para masurprise naman.

Congrats to myself and my batchmates.

Today, I got the chance to watch the movie, BREAKFAST CLUB. I had heard lots of good insights in this movie. I remember it was given a special award in the latest MTV Music Awards.

It was filmed in the 80s. A movie about a group of 5 teenagers coming from different backgrounds that were all placed in a school detention. There's a criminal, a jock, a basket case, a prom spoiled queen and a dork.

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It was a movie of great impact. The setting was set on the 1980s so some of the lines mentioned were not familiar (I was asking who the hell is this person that they were mentioning?). It captured the essence of being youth with all the situations that encircles them (or us.). The way that the movie captured what the youth is really up to is revolutional maybe on that era, but still the movie never fails to reflect what the youth is upto today. It is a good way of understanding the past and maybe relate it to our present time.

A movie worth renting or waiting for in HBO.

4 out 5 stars.

* Then I went to watch The Day After Tomorrow. NO need to give a review on.

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Nim said...

I've seen the movie too, I think it's responsible for the "teen movie", genre. Hehe wala lang! Nice blog