Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Three Subjects. Three Heartbreakers

I got 3 1.75 for the final grade for 3 of my subjects. I mean the grade is quite OK but ang nakakainis lang ay ang kamalasan ko ngayon semester.


I got a 1.75 in this subject. Not bad as what I have said. Pero ang nakakainis lang ay onting points na lang, 1.5 na sana ako. I got a 83.88 for my final raw grade computed from quizzes and exams and it gave me a 1.75. The bad thing is 84.66 will bring me sana a 1.5. Sayang, 1 more correct answer sana will bring my grade up sana.


Isa pa to. My average was 1.755. Pag naka 1.749 sana ako it would be a a 1.5 for me sana. .006 lang sana.


Sad. I got a raw grade of 87.75 and a 88 sana will bring me to a 1.5. An additional 2 correct exam answers lang sana yun! Waaaaa!

It simply means na I need to study more this coming semester.

* My Lovelife is ON. The challenge is on and I'm ready for it.

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