Monday, November 28, 2005


When I watched the SEAGames - soccer (football) game last Friday between the Philippines and Cambodia, I started remembering the times when I used to play soccer.

It is one of my favorite sport and the sport that I feel that I can excel (or just do good) into. I remember on the last minutes of soccer time, I usually feel bad that our soccer time was over.

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SEAGames Soccer Match

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SOCCER TIME - Angelicum College - 2003

And then, I left soccer when I moved into playing softball for our batch's intrams team. Then in college, I started engaging into martial arts.

But I want to pursue my first love, soccer.

I want to play soccer sometime. But due to time constraints, probably I will not.

Too bad.

(Anyway, I'm rooting for Team Philippines, Go for the Gold. One Team. One Nation. One Philippines)

Check 2005 SEAGames Website.

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