Monday, August 07, 2006

Five Short Films and a Roll of Kodak Film

I've been preoccupied with two of my film classes lately. Yup, you can call me the pseudo-Econ and pseudo-Film major. haha.

Anyway, after our tiring Communication 120 Midterms (it was hard, but I did all right naman), I went into our Film 104 (Film Genre class), we were supposed to tackle progressive films but instead we went on watching 5 short films, 4 coming from the Cinemalaya shorts.

First was Aliwan Paradise (hope, i got the name right) by Mike De Leon. I think I know what Prof. Campos means when he said it was non-genre. Yeah, I find it really outside of the socially set film genres with its practically unnatural narrative.

Next, we went to the Film Center to see the winning Cinemalaya short films. All four shorts were different from each other in terms of narrative and approach. I like the short film "Orasyon". It is a story of an old woman, who alongside her noisy katulong, been routinely engaged her life to religious actions and lonely nights. It was a chilly story but true to what the cinemalaya jury, it really deserved its best film award. I don't want to give up more information, better catch on Wednesday at 5 PM.

My other film class, Film 110 or Photography, is a class that I reall enjoy. But on my last shoot for motion and depth of field, I had troubles on some of my shots. When, I shoot on high apertures and high shutter speed, my camera's shutter sometimes does not close. It happened on almost 1/3 of my film shots. Yay! Kinakabahan ako, I hope I can get at least 8 good shots.

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