Saturday, August 12, 2006


I remember my first MRT ride. It was back in 2000 when Jeka and Ernest, my high school friends, went to Shang to watch a theater performance. The trains were practically new, the walls were clean and the smell was pleasing. There were few people in the train which made the inside brighten up.

I don't frequent the MRT since I live in the North and school is at two jeep rides away.But I got to ride the MRT today and now it has turn to the worse.

"Gender Sensitive" Train

The train recently implemented separated trains for women and children. Even though I find the admin's reason for doing it valid, i still find it really impractical in the long-run. Yes, it can avoid women harrassments on the short run but I does not guarantee teaching abusive males proper conduct in the long run. Bringing them apart only creates bigger tension and on a personal note, bigger intention to do such malicious actions.

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Crowded Crows

With P15 per train ride from SM North Edsa to Taft Ave., who doesn't want to hop on the MRT? Its alternative - BUSES - apart from being more expensive (P20+ i think from SM north to Taft on an ordinary bus), travel time is longer and the exposure to pollution is far greater. I believe that all Pinoy share the same concept which made the MRT a lot crowded than before. At noontime, we are practically like sardines at the taft station, the 1st south station. Hay! Maybe they can add more trains or more train routes. Superregions GO!

MRT Anecdotes

I was in the MRT with Schatzi from UJP kanina. And while on our way to QUezon Ave., there were some "unforgettable moments" on the biyahe.

Unholy Lady

There were these two middle aged women talking in front of me at the train. They were debating about whose church pastors are better. The first woman said that their pastor didn't allow a woman to get into their church because she's wearing pants. And then the other woman replied saying that their pastor is far worse. And they keep on saying P****** I**. Christianity shouldn't be only inside the church but also on the outside.

Manong! Wait lang!

Haha. There were some ladies trying to get out of the train. But the train being crowded and all, the people outside keep on pushing inside. Then there was this woman who angrily shouted "HOY! Magpalabas naman kayo!" and said "Manong! Sandali lang". Haha. As if naman, it was a jeep that the driver is practically an earshot away. haha.

Know your directions

When we got into the Quezon Ave., there were people lining up on the outticket line. On my line, there was this man who instead of going left of the card puncher (the one where you insert the MRT card), instead went onto the right. (which shouldn't be the case!). And worse, there was this other man who inserted his card on that slot. The man intentionally or unintentionally used the card of this other man. Then this other man kept on shouting "Akin yan card na nagamit mo!". I don't how he got out. And the first man, practically just ignored him. Kawawa naman.

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