Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost in taxi-lation

I lost my mobile phone Wednesday last week.

My MCO friends and I were on a taxi going to SM North. As we arrived at the mall, since I was in front, I decided to pay the fare. Since I was holding my phone, I placed it in my left pocket so that I would be able to get my wallet at the right. Ganito pa yun dialogue nun:

Jerick: Manong, eto ang bayad ( I pay P100)
Taxi Driver: (gets the money and gives me back P20)
Jerick: Manong, bakit po P20 lang ang sukli eh, 62.50 lang ang nasa metro
Taxi Driver: Eh, marami kayo eh!
Jerick: Di naman po ganun, kung ano po yun nasa metro, yun po yun ibabayad namin.
Taxi Driver: (nagagalit na)
Jerick: Anong plate number niyo?! TWU 707! I-rereport ko kayo sa LTFRB
Taxi Driver: (gives back the exact change)
Jerick: (went out and slammed the door)

Once that I was out, I was telling my friends what had happened. Then, I noticed na that I lost my phone. Ayun.

It was my phone for 2 years and my number for 5 years. Nakakainis. Some contacts gone. Some pictures poof-ed away. Tsk tsk.

Ganyan talaga ang buhay.

Don't worry, I already have a new phone.

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