Sunday, October 22, 2006

Things I promise myself to do this semestral break

What will I do this "two week" sem-break?

1. give more time for family
2. eat until I get fat (impossible!)
3. Go to Cebu for NLDS.
4. Stay in Cebu after NLDS
5. Mag-ipon ng pera
6. Fix our PC.
7. Constantly check my grades sa CRS
8. Watch DVDs. (Finish 3 seasons of One Tree Hill)
9. Read a book and actually finish a book
10. Read Harry Potter 6 (aside from number 8)
11.Visit some of my relatives
12. Sleep. Sleep long.
13. Learn something new.

Ayun, happy sem-break!

1 comment:

blogerista said...

Magandang mga plano... halos gnyan din sa akin.. at sana hindi manatiling mga plano yung akin.. hehe...