Sunday, April 01, 2007


Last Saturday night, we were having our Ambassadors' Night (one of AIESEC's event) at a place in Marina Bay Homes in Paranaque. (It's near Manila Bay).

We were having our socials event at a lot at the back of a vacant house. Before that night, we went to the place with one of the homeowners' association member of the village and she told us that the place has been vacant for months and the owners rarely visit the place. That's why we were allowed to have our party at the back of the house assuming that there's no one there.

So, there we were, having fun and having our usual AIESEC socials activities. Then some of the people noticed that the lights went on at the house's second floor. No one reacted since most of the people didn't know that the house was vacant. For us, we assumed that someone was there.

Then, we saw a shadow of a man walking left to right from the window. Then we heard the windows banging as if someone was so angrily moving them to and fro. And when I say bang, Bang talaga!

Then after, we all heard a loud scream saying GET OUT!. and it's so loud that everyone was startled. Then, the daughter of the homeowner assoc member screamed and told everyone to leave the place.

As in it was really really spooky.

Later that night, eva, daniel and I went to that house and we saw that it was bare with no furnitures what so ever.

The next morning, we talked again to the homeowner officer and she verified that there was no one at that house that night.


It was my first haunting experience ever.


cRiz said...

err.. wei.. has been a while.. tagal ko nadeads sa blog life... busy eh.. hehe.. 5th year na ksi sa pasukan... pero feeling ko since birth na ko nagthethesis sa hirap.. hehe... musta na?!

yasuren said...

jek! pa-link. :) tat