Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bureaucracy at its "finest"

Last tuesday I was invited by Stand UP to run as journalism council representative with their party. I was really shock by that invitation. The idea of running in the student council election had longed been inside my mind. Ever since I got into UP, the idea of a student-leader has been one of my goals.

But I decided not to accept their invitation due to the following reasons. One, I was invited to run on the day which was also the last day of filing for candidacy. I was disappointed with the fact that they had only invited me due to sheer desperation. Their line up was not complete and they saw me only as a "fill-up" or a pandagdag. They didn't even bother to check who I am. Parang, they only went out to the street, picked a stranger and told him that he should serve the people. It was not about leadership but about beating the other party. It was really disappointing considering that most of the UP officials are from their party.

"Parang nakita ko tuloy na...they are not after serving the people and being good leaders but gaining the majority of the supposedly positions." For me, council elections is a big crap.

Two, I have been very busy these days. I've been very active in the pursuance of academic excellence which I think is really paying off. Also, I added AIESEC to my list as (possible, since I'm still applying) organizations.

AIESEC defines work really well. If you really want to work, AIESEC can be an option. But AIESEC works are really rewarding.

Yesterday, I, along with Cara, Iara, Jed and Tanya, went to the Bureau of Immigration for the apps' internship work. It was my first time to be in Bureau of Immigration and it was only then that I knew that their office was in Intramuros. In BI, it shows the current situation in Philippine bureaucracy. Even in the millenium age, government offices still lack computer sets for processing. And also, I noticed that in regular processing of visa, for example, will take you two weeks. But if you add like a thousand pesos, you can get it for 30 mins. Wala lang. Nakakalungkot lang isipin.

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Anonymous said...

well, i also can't help but think the same way kapag namimilit na sila ng mga kakandidato. Para lang makumpleto, minsan kahit sino na lang... - armi