Friday, February 24, 2006

Future film career?

I went to Gateway last Tuesday for the CAM's Inyorai Video Festival. Laman-loob was selected as a finalist for the festival. It was Laman Loob's first recognition and my first recognition as a film actor. Film actor? Why you ask. I portrayed a supporting role for a short film last year. Check out my older entries.

C'mon, that acting stint was recognized by a film organization. I didn't expect that my small acting stint will bring me to an award show. It was not as big as the Oscar's nor the MMFF but awards are still awards. di ba?

Basically, I went there to see my face in the big screen in Gateway. My camwhoring days are over (?) and I was hoping that I'll see myself acting in front of a movie screen. I love my self, sobra. Pero normally, I don't like to see myself on that film and even worse acting. I watched Laman-loob only twice out of the endless screenings in family reunions etc.

But too bad it was not screened in Gateway dahil di pumayag ang MTRCB. There were some "sensitive" scenes kasi on the other nominees, so they scrapped all the films from the big screen.

But the awarding ceremony still kicked off. Laman-loob was nominated on all the awards on the Narrative Short Feature Category including Best performance and Best Short Film. We weren't able to scrap those two awards but still the film won two awards both from Best Screenplay and Best Director for Ate Liar. The funny thing was I was nominated in a way for best performance. WTF?

The good thing is that Laman-loob was recognized. So, what's next on my "supposed" film career? Wala. Haha.

That may be my first and last film award ceremony.But who knows? Oscars may come next.hehe.
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