Saturday, March 11, 2006

Case Paper = Party

Who would have thought that doing a case study paper can be fun? If your topic focuses on partying all night would be a great example.

My Communication 140 Case Study Paper centered on the topic of Communication Aspects in a Club Environment. To make it short, we are to analyze behaviors inside a rave club. My groupmates (Weisa and Lea) and I went to Basement (a bar in Libis). It was my first time in a rave club (Oh yeah! I'm a big dork).

It feels really weird that amidst this party atmosphere, our group still thought of our paper. We just can't get the hang of it. But we did drink and dance until morning. It was a little awkward at first but once the beer gets into your body, haha, it did "wonders".

Anyway, we did some undercover works like dancing alone and letting people approach us. Weisa was able to have a conversation with some of the guys. Then while I was dancing alone, two fat and slut-looking ladies came closer and started grinding their bodies into mine. It was really awkward and I didn't feel like dancing with them, so I went out of the dance floor. Haha. But if it was somebody who looks like Angelina Jolie or my crush, I'll be willing to dance. Haha. I just don't like dancing with people whom I don't know and worst whom I don't even like.

We went home at around 4 in the morning. :-). I hope my research papers are always like that. :-P

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Victor said...

yess naman. paclub club na tayo jan! :p

Dana said...

ha ha ha. Grabe. Di pa rin ako nagpapaclub.

JM Tuazon said...

Grabe namang paper yun! Exciting! Haha... sana ganyan din paper ko! =P