Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Of school and other ek-ek (posted 042107)

I'm glad that I was able to maintain my standing. Promise, I thought I'm gonna be punished for being so lax last semester. But at least, some of my hard work paid off. haha.COM-RES is finally over! and by the way, I got my first 1.0!!! I mean, it's not really a big deal for some, but for me, I'm glad that I got one finally. haha. I'm too GC.

Anyway, with my internship and all. I'm practically. eat.travel.work.travel.eat.sleep.

That's about it basically, so I'm finding excuses just to have relax. Last week, I practically spent school days with my college friends eating and walking around SM. Boring pero I need them. I also want to go to Quiapo and hoard DVDs. Heroes, Prison Break and OTH seasons will be over, so I should get their DVDs na.

Anyway, I finally got a DVD copy of EMPIRE of the SUN! It's original, not that expensive. Pero, I'm glad that I got one!

Avril has a new CD, I haven't checked the stores yet. But I'll get one, for sure. Once I have my credit card bill cleaned (which is actually impossible, haha)

Ang corny ng ending ng Sana Maulit Muli - wala lang. I got a glimpse of the ending yesterday. Ang corny. May plug pa ng jolibee. haha.

I'm actually learning Italian thanks to Learn How To Speak Italian Podcast. While in the MRT or walking etc. I know how to count to 100 in italian. uno, due, tre...

I'm also reading Chronicles of Narnia. I'm done with the first book. (sorry, slow)

I actually miss traveling abroad during summer. After graduation nalang.

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