Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sarah made my day


I saw Sarah Geronimo yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaah! I'm a secret fan of Sarah Geronimo, haha. She graduated along with my sister yesterday and Sarah was seating two pews away from my sister. COOL! haha. she has a picture nga with Sarah on the background... haha.

Even when I'm in Angelicum, alam ko na na nandun si Sarah, but never saw her. And I was glad when I heard that she's graduating with my sister. haha. She sang our school hymn pa. haha.

wala lang. starstruck. nakakainis lang, ang daming tao dun which made the grad ceremony magulo.

pero still, sarah made my day (and the dinner buffet after, haha)


patty said...

omg! sarah geronimo! i would so get starstruck too. super dali kong ma starstruck!!! good for her she finished school.

Barry said...

hoy kuya jerik wala lang