Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Quiapo Misadventures

Long time, no post...

I just want to forget that day and move on with my life...

So in line with that I decided to go to Quiapo last Sunday...

I really like Quiapo, di na siya ganun kabaho at kadumi like noon.

So yun, I got some DVDs.. I got na THE GODFATHER DVD COLLECTION, AMERICAN HISTORY X and MEAN GIRLS (for my sis.)... so yun nga, after I went to UP to meet my groupmate for our j100 report.

Then we I got home, I tested my DVDs and guess what my THE GODFATHER DVD COLLECTION were not working (I mean all of them) so I decided to go back in Quiapo.

So yesterday after my arnis class (around 9am), I left UP to go to Quiapo. Traffic ang papuntang Quiapo but still I managed to get there around 10. Pagdating ko dun, I went to the store were I bought the DVDs. Pagdating ko dun, tinanong ko agad. SO he tested the DVDs and guess what. NAGWORK siya dun! then we tested it again dun sa ibang players nila IT WORKED PA RIN!!! bale we tested it in three players and they all worked perfectly. Napahiya tuloy ako. Pero sabi nung store owner, bili daw ako ng DVD player cleaner. I went back na lang sa UP and arrived there at 11.00.

So walang napatunguhan ang aking Quiapo Adventure! What a waste of time!

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