Saturday, January 15, 2005


Expect (ikspekt) v.t. to think likely; to anticipate the coming of.

Have you ever got the feeling that something should have happened but it does not? Or the feeling of that you were just having a normal day and then suddenly something better got in and made your day a little bit more interesting?

Well, I felt those feelings yesterday.

Una, I was expecting na magrereport kami about MACHIAVELLI on our SocSci2 class. I mean yun lang ang activity na I devoted almost my entire week for it. Alam mo yun, late na kong natutulog sa gabi, just for that. Umuuwi ng madilim na langit para mag-research about him. Then yesterday, Nagdala na ako ng sound speakers and my CD player for our background music. As in ready na for the reporting. Then when I was at the library reading more about him, I got a text message from my groupmate saying na POSTPONED ang aming reporting and we'll do it on Tuesday!

Pangalawa, I was walking out from CMC to go home. Then I saw a jeep to SM (which was my usual ride home). I ran out, chased after the jeep then finally got inside. There, I saw my orgmate Con. Tapos yun, we talked and talked. Getting into SM, we got inside and saw that SESSION ROAD will be performing. I really don't know the band but I know their song SUNTOK SA BUWAN. We decided to watch the performance. We got down, bought a CD and went inside the performance area. Asteeg and kanilang performance.
After that, we got some pictures taken with them and CDs and Posters signed. It was truly a very interesting experience.

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