Thursday, April 14, 2005

Breaking the Spirit

I just got back from the province last night, so I had endured 10 days of no blogging.


Today was my enrolment day for Summer Classes. I decided to take up CWTS para hindi na hassle ito during our regular semesters (and also during summer lang nagooffer ang CMC ng CWTS). I didn't get my desired classes for CWTS, but I'm glad that I was lucky to even get a slot in it.

I also got my class cards today and I'm pretty disappointed on some of my grades for this semester. Here are the reasons:


Actually I'm really happy with my final grade in this subject. My exams were pretty bad (2.5 Midterms). This was one of the subjects that I really prioritized last semester. But still, my exams were pretty mediocre. Siguro bumawi ako sa term paper (which was 15 pages long, far from the required 7 pages) and also dun sa discussion namin. I'm also disappointed kasi yun isang class (with a diff. prof.) ng j100 got grades ranging from 1.0-1.5, tapos kami ranging from 1.75-3 which was totally depressing. Kahit na same effort (pero sa tingin ko mas marami kaming effort), unfair pa rin yun grades. Pero no regrets...

SocSci 1

My biggest disappointment of all! I wasn't really expecting to receive a low grade. I was active in discussions but my exams were pretty mediocre. I'm really disappointed with this subject, because feeling ko I don't deserve such grade. It has no course outline and even a grading system. So hula-hula lang ata yun grade and unfortunately malas ako. Our prof. was nice but still she didn't organize the class properly.

Chem 1

My highest computed grade (not PE) for this sem. This was the subject that I really didn't expect excelling into. During the enrolment, napilitan lang akong kunin ito kasi it hasdthe best schedule and it's nearest sa CMC. But during the duration (sounds annoying?) of the semester, I enjoyed some of my lessons. Our prof. has also the "tatak" of "mataas magbigay ng grade".My exams were pretty high and our report was good. I was a bit closer sa 1.0. Sayang!

English 1

Hmmm. Another big disappointment. For two semesters, my english classes were diappointing. I enjoyed our class, yun nga lang siguro na sobrahan ng pageenjoy. It seems to me tuloy na I'm not really good in English, kaya I'm not really fit for Journalism. Hmmppffhh... I won't take English classes anymore!

Soc Sci 2

Another big "what the?" grade. I wasn't really expecting that I'll be getting a high grade from this subject. This was a subject that I put all my efforts into during last semester. As in, reports every week, basa dito-basa doon. Sacrifice ng time for the sake of SocSci2. But at least, all my hard work paid off.


Super enjoyed the class and my appreciation for this subject paid off. Complete attendance, good exams, sipsip sa prof?... hehe... Again, for the second semester in a row, highest ko na grade ulit ay P.E. haha... nakakatuwa... Sana P.E. na lang lahat ng subjects...

Wala na akong masabi, siguro effort na lang talaga for next semester. Learn to prioritize and also avoid terror professors. Hehe. My GWA did increase compared nun last sem, so that was a good start. I hope magtuloy-tuloy na ito...



Image hosted by Photobucket.comBobby Jon was eliminated. One of my most favorite cast away from this season. Sayang talaga!. For the first time in Survivor, nagkaroon ng 1 person tribe..hehe...nakakatuwa lang.

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