Friday, April 01, 2005

Mercy Killing or Murder?

I was supposed to write a post before but I'm busy with my studies. It is about the legal battle between the so called "Right to die/Merciful Killing" supported by Terri's husband and the US court system and "Right to Live" supported by Terri's parents.

I'm really against Euthanasia. No one has a right to take the opportunity for living of a person. If it is really a person's time to die, no man has the power to take the life and it is considered immoral in the eyes of God.

But I don't really understand what is happening in our society (American people in particular). The majority says that they should take the life of Terri. Just to clear things out, she is not on life support, so she is not really on a dying situation.

Last night, she died. It was really not her time to die, but they had "legally" murdered a person. I'm really disappointed with the current outlook of the society. I hope that we/they be enlightened.

Link to an article from Washington Post about the issue.
After Terri Schiavo

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