Monday, April 18, 2005

First Day of Summer Class Turned Hell

Our first day of Summer Classes SUCK and I mean bad luck seemed to be living inside of me.


I got up early in the morning and pretty much anxious since it was a first day. I prepared my stuff and went out to school. Since my class starts at 9am, I can't carpool with my dad. I commuted from our house to school. Nun simula, ok lang SMOOTH and travel ika nga. But when I arrived on the UP jeepney station at 8.15am, there was a long line... tsk tsk... ang TAGAL maghintay. I waited for about thirty minutes under the scorching sun for a jeepney. But at least, I got to school in one piece. I envy Bikoy because he got to school in his bike.

CRS = Computer Ruining Student's Life

CRS (Computerized Registration System) assigned to me two CRS classes with TWO different professors. At first, I thought it was ok and since some of my classmates did encounter that problem, ok lang. But kanina, they didn't allow having TWO professors for CRS. Uh-Oh. BIG PROBLEM ITO. I had underwent the grueling Change Mat Procedure for the first time. It was a grueling procedure, having a professor to sign it then erase then sign again. It was HELL!. Then at the MassComm Admin, we had to wait for 2 hours for a single signature. It seemed that, our government paid officers were having lunch at 11.00. So para saan pa ang lunch break?... I got the signed Change Mat form at 1.30pm and I decided to continue it tomorrow since there were no jeepneys in UP and it started to rain really hard.

I hope that the next month won't be that grueling.

Survivor Update:
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Coby's out. Finally, there was a merge. and at last, there was a Koror member that was voted out.

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Olga said...

CRS Acronoym. Me likey. Hehe. ^_^