Thursday, May 04, 2006

I wish I'm in the beach...

My decision on taking summer classes was that it was supposed to help lighten my 21-unit 3rd year or my thesis sem but I think I made the wrong decision.

When Weisa, Nelly and I had manually enlisted for EnvSci 1, we were so happy that we were able to enlist. (Yes, enlisting in UP can be dreadful, double the fact that it's a GE subject then triple the threat since it is under MST). We were 1000% lucky.

But EnvSci brought a "painful" way of understanding what UP life is. Hey, getting your first "over-bagsak" grades is a way to say that UP Life is really hard. Well, all of us three felt a mixture of pagsisi, sadness and inferiority.

Getting a 30/100 quiz and getting 48/100 midterms can be really painful especially for GE subjects. C'mon! Sabi nila noon, GE subjects are easy, but not this time.

My only consuelo is that there are people who are lower than my grade. Di ako nagiisa.

But even with those dreadful grades, I still find this class really informative. Now, I know how El Nino forms or the reasons why CFCs are bad. And I can compute it mathematically! Amazing!

We only have a few chances to redeem ourselves and one of it is through our report. I promise that it will be a SUPERMEGAOMEGA CAREER REPORT! I mean, bigatin-kung-bigatin. All for a good grade!

Haay! I can't wait for our vacation, again.

**Nga pala, with all those attention on our EnvSci subject, I seemed to have forgot that I have another class. Crap, exam pala namin tomorrow and I haven't start studying.


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