Friday, March 18, 2005

Hell Week Begins

Compared to my other classmates/UP friends, I felt Hell Week a little late. I always cram and maybe that was the reason that I began noticing its gravity a little bit (too)late. (And, the weather's beginning to become hot, so maybe I am starting to feel like I'm in hell.HARHAR)

I got so many things to do, yet there's little or no time at all to study. Here are my requirements/activities on coming two weeks.

Journalism 100

*Term Paper on "The Undesirable Publications Act of Singapore and its Implications to Press Freedom". (I chose the topic, so I all blame goes to me for thinking a very difficult topic.)

*Finals Exam after Holy Week

English 1:

*Finals Departmental Exam after Holy Week

*Revised copy of my Descriptive essay due on the same date of my departmental exam.

Social Science 1:

*Finals Exam again after Holy Week.

Social Science 2:

I don't know, kung tapos na kami dito. No announced activities, as of now.

Chemistry 1:

*Finals Exam again after holy week (and mahirap ito kaya double effort)


*Practical Exam this coming Tuesday.

***PLUS: Organization Activities, Bum Time, Preparation for Summer, ETC.

As in my performance this semester is a bit mediocre so I need to push my grades up.

It will be a really hectic and busy Holy Week. As in on Good Friday, I might be drowning myself at my computer doing school work (but still, I'll find time for church.)

After hell week, summer classes will begin. (Think: In three years, I'll be out of college.)

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