Thursday, March 10, 2005

(Not So Good) Academic Standing.

Thanks Victor for inspiring me to post something about UP academics.

Just got two exam results today and they were not pretty.

First, I got the exam result of my Journalism100 midterms. I did passed (fortunately) but it was not a good grade. I got a 2.5...haay, and i got the lowest grade among my friends. A little bit embarrassing. It made me think tuloy that maybe I'm not really meant for journalism. I don't know. I chose this field during the UPCAT because I was the Managing Editor of our paper and the fact that they said that I can get into UP better. (and also pala this can be a good pre-law). It made me think about shifting. Maybe in BS Econ or BS BE perhaps but still I don't know.

Then next I got naman my result from my midterms in my Socsci 1 class. At least it was a little better compared to my j100 midterms. I also did passed but I do see that my score was a bit mediocre. The problem was I did study about all the details on our lecture but not the big picture or the general topics. Haay, maybe I'll do better next time.

Finals week aka Hell Week namin after ng holy week ( di ba parang ang ganda ng combination). Almost lahat ng subjects ko may final exam compared last semester na PE lang ang subject ko na may finals. So I'll strive during the next two weeks so that at least makakuha ako ng mataas na grade at sana maging CS man lang.

But on the happier part, I won the elections for Research and Academic Training Team Director position in UP MCO and I got 100% of the votes. Buti pa dito nakakakuha ako ng mataas. Sana ganun din sa aking acads.

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