Sunday, March 20, 2005

Too Bad.

The so-called "People's Champion", Manny Pacquiao, lost his match today with Morales. I don't really care, actually. But it seems that our nation's pride was at stake (for some people) during that game. I'm not happy nor happy that he lost, losing is part of life. You cannot win forever.

I just hope that people (and even the media) won't sensationalize his lost. (Baka kasi sabihin nanaman na dinaya si Pacquiao or something, which I believe na di naman. It was a fair game). Filipinos talaga, masyadong mataas ang pride.

On other news, I feel sorry about the stabbing that happened last Thursday. ( see news). I'm really glad that the suspect was caught. Those hokd-up incidents at the Beta-way always happens. Even one of my orgmates fell victim to those people. I won't walk at the Beta Way again. Sigh.

Survivor Update:
A pretty big twist, both tribes voted and Willard and Angie's torches were unlit. Too bad, I really like them both. (TRIVIA: Willard and Angie were the two people that were selected last during the tribemate selection on the first episode.)
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