Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

As of yesterday, I am officially 18 yrs old. Ang tanda ko na! This one is different, ito na ang transition from childhood to adulthood. Pwede na akong bumoto (finally!), I can enter bars (officially!) and many sorts of perks. But, I really miss my childhood, all those carefree days...shucks.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who had greeted me thru all channels of communication. (Meron pa nga nagsend ng PLDT Voice recording greeting sa akin through phone, Thanks)

For the people who had greeted me through text.

Jeka, Cara, Wivi, Weisa, Bev, L.J., Mark, Gino, Ivy, Anj, Kimbe, Tips, Dang, Ge, Reese, Con, Diana, Shiela.

For the Y!M greetings
Tita A. , Vic, Jon Mencias, Jon Ebido.

Thru Friendster
Wap, Ate Anarie, Manuel, Jobelle, Reji, Melai, Claud, Ritz, Missy, Jon, Marian, Nimrod, Ked.

My Comm3 groupmates (yup, considered secret yun), Geog1 classmates (tama bang i-announce sa buong room), Pol Sci 14 class (esp. Flau, congrats on your perfect recitation) and my art stud seatmates.

Of course sa akin mga relatives, thank you very much.

Sorry kung may nakalimutan akong name, it's the thought that counts naman.
And for all those who had offered their greetings thru prayers, salamat sa inyo.

We'll the greeting part is over. I hope this year will be a good one. (It rained almost the whole day yesterday, good omen kaya yun?)

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