Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Palawan Scares

With the latest scare of malaria propagated by the media, my trip there on Friday may seem scary. I'll be going there on Friday till Monday, just to spend my last week of summer vacation just before our classes will start.

The media has been sensationalizing issues today. Just today, I saw a TV special report from GMA about why schools doesn't have left handed chairs. Hmmm. I am left handed and I don't have any problems of right handed chairs in school. For me, it is not worth the 3 minute primetime airtime on TV. Instead of tackling this issue, why don't they tackle issues like the national flag day celebration or the soaring environment problems our country is having today.

And then, on the other network, at the start of their news program, showbiz news pops out. I mean, the media tackles and sensationalizes less important issues.

Anyway, back to the Palawan thing. I'm not really scared of the malaria thing. (But I took precautions just to keep myself protected). I just hope for the better.

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jimjim875 said...

ei bro! I just remembered my classmate Karlo (name changed), he's left handed pero he's quite different from any left handed people I've seen before. Medyo pag gumamit kasi siya ng desk na pag righty, he puts his elbow forward, leans forward and writes while as if in a position ready to sleep on the desk. Iba siya compared to my other lefty classmates who write the normal way just as righties do, yun nga lang, no elbow rest.

Gusto ko lang masubukan, how is it like kaya to be ambidextrous? Astig yun!