Sunday, June 19, 2005

On Rizal and Father's day

Today is both Rizal's birthday and Father's day. It is a nice coincidence that two great events were placed on a single day. We could easily say that, Rizal did obviously served as a catalyst of change from the times before. He had, in some way, did aroused people's feelings on fighting for freedom and I think he had his goals accomplished.

It is too bad that, nowadays, we don't give any respect for the freedom our heroes had fought for. At least, show some consideration on honoring our great nation. Just stop when the Philippine Anthem is being played or at least show some respect. Let us put away all our greed and personal desires for the sake of the advancement of our country. No more politics, no more fighting please. I'm sick and tired of it (and I mean we all do I suppose)

Let us move forward.

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