Friday, December 03, 2004

As the queen gets dethroned...

No classes today (again) because of the storm.

I was really hoping na may classes ngayon. I want to go out. Di ako naarawan dito sa bahay. I want to attend my Arnis class and my soc sci 2 class. I need to reserve pa the CAL avr. I want to eat some Rodic's tapsi.

So because walang classes, I got to watch Survivor Vanuatu's live telecast at Studio 23.

Ami (Rightmost part wearing a blue swim suit) voted off from Survivor Posted by Hello

Ami was voted out. Ami was one of my favorite contestant in this season. She's strong, smart and got a captivating smile. Too bad she's a lesbian. (Hula lang ito kasi dun sa previous episode, girlfriend daw niya yun partner niya dun sa challenge.)

Hmmm. So I don't know. I'm really mad. Sayang, she can do it talaga. I know she can win. But unfortunately, minalas siya. Ganun talaga eh. Tides turn. She was dethroned, fell of from her horse then kicked out of the palace.

But, she'll get her revenge pag nasa jury na siya. Mwahaha.

For now, I'm rooting for Julie. (Even though di na possible kasi may alliance yung natitirang 4 pips. But you'll never know.)

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