Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stupid Yahoo!!!

Yahoo is a big piece of crap..

I was trying to log into my yahoo account but it won't accept my password. So I changed my password and still it doesn't work.

Yahoo Sucks!

Anyway, I just got out from school. School's ok but there were still some bad things that happened. Pretty much it is a half good/half bad day.

7:20 - arrived at UP and I went directly to the UP Shopping Center to get a plastic folder for my arnis class.

8:00 - pretty much, today's arnis class was really cool. We got the chance to hit people (but not with an actual stick). I really like this person to person contact. I got to meet some new people from my class that I haven't got the chance to talk with. But I think the stretching was a bit lame cause my legs hurt. But at least it is worth the pain. I'm glad that we'll still do it next meeting.

9:00 - Got into CMC, and the tambayan was closed so I stayed outside and waited for the time to pass.

11:30- Another SocSci 2 class. Whew! I really like this class. Enough said.

01:00 - English class, we got to read a nice essay. I was touched by the lessons learned and exemplified. Anyway, this will be my last english 1 meeting for this year. So happy christmas to all my english 1 class.

02:30 - Went to the MCO tambayan and talked with the pips there.

Pretty much I love this day but some bad things happened to me like:

1. I lost my kapuso pin! Shocks!
2. I was in the jeep when I went down at the wrong street so I have to walk at least 500 meters!
3. My body hurts

But at least I do have tomorrow to rest... haay!

Nga pala, tomorrow is the feast day of the immaculate conception, so please try to attend mass.

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