Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bad Luck

Have you ever felt that luck was pretty much not on your side. Where everything turns out to be negative.!!! Nakakainis

Well today, luck is not on my side.

It started with the symposium that I was organizing. We submitted the proposal to reserve the CMC audi few days ago. When I got on the CMC Admin this morning, Ate Nanette (The evil residing in the Admin), told me that I had to come back later because she still hadn't finished taking care of it. (Even though we gave it to her last week). Grrr!!! Then this afternoon, kuya arjay and kuya denn got the letter saying that our proposal was not accepted because another org. had reserved the audi first!!


Even though we gave her the proposal last week, we still didn't got the place reserved. We had submitted our proposal first than the other organization! GRRRR!!!!

Then after that, I decided to get home to cool off. I waited for a SM jeepney for about 30 minutes! GRRR! TALAGA! I have to be in the Commonwealth Ave. for 30 minutes getting all those smoke into my lungs!!!

Then after, I have to ride again a jeep on Mindanao avenue. As I got to the jeep, there was a small space for me to sit into! GodDamn! I saw those other in my row, bumubukaka.!!!! Grrr.. I have to seat on that position for almost the entire trip!!

Life sucks for me today, I hope that this bad luck will vanished!

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