Monday, February 21, 2005

Survivor: Palau

Another season of Survivor kicked out. Hmmm. Comments-comments lang.

Once again a new twist had unraveled. Even before the contestants had their first night, two survivors were out, Jonathan and Wanda. I really liked Wanda for some sort of reasons, pretty much I hated the fact that she was out even before the game really started. Haaay!
Then later, Jolanda was out. Haay. Sayang! A good leader pa sana. Haay. Sayang talaga.

Well I just want to give my favorite/bet for this season.

1. Bobby Jon - He's silent yet a good player. Probably

my bet for the final survivor.

2. Janu - This girl showed some guts at the first episode.
3.Ian - a really strong and smart guy! Wala lang.
4. Stephenie - she's pretty! harhar
5. Willard - I always have a soft heart for old people in Survivor! I hope he can survived the game.

Well. Looking forward on the next episode.

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Celeni said...

Seriously love Survivor more than TAR this season. Ang daming pwedeng mapanood sa TV ngayon! I'm so torn!!! (at nauubos na ang aking hard drive from downloading episodes of TV shows I missed! X_x)