Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Call Center

Our new HP scanner that my uncle from the US gave us is not working. As I place the installer CD inside, a pop-up comes out saying that the scanner is not supported by my computer! Hmmpph.

So, I decided to call up the customer care hotline of HP. I am not really fond of calling these hotlines for the reason that they don't really give that much help. So then I called the number, pressed a few buttons then waited while a mellow music soothes (or irritates) me out.

Finally I got into the line. The guy on the other line speaks with British accent. Probably he is not a Filipino but I assume that he is an Indian. While on the conversation, I keep on saying "pardon" because I don't really understand what he is saying. Also, my english words starts to run out but I would like to congratulate that I had uttered my words continuously. Harhar.He asked some questions pertaining to my problem. He gave me some advices (I hope his advices will work.). He was also suggesting that I buy a new scanner or something (I don't really understand what he is saying). But finally, I just cut off our conversation because it was leading to nonsense.

I learn a new lesson, Never work on a call center. (But then again, who knows?)

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