Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sila daw ba ang nanalo?!

Kakatapos lang ng Season Finale ng Amazing Race kaninang umaga. Finally, I got the chance to watch the Studio23 live telecast after several weeks of super busy schedule. I love watching AR since magsimula ito, and every winner sa AR ay nagustuhan ko except for this season...

Nanalo sila Freddy and Kendra sa Amazing Race 6. Naiinis lang ako dahil para sa akin hindi dapat sila manalo. They do deserve it because of all the trials they had encountered. But in my opinion, dapat sila KRIS and JON yun nanalo. I just loved the fact that they never had any conflicts during the whole trip and it can be considered to be a big accomplishment.Sila kasi Freddy and Kendra was more on the fighting, trashing and backstabbing. I think that KRIS and JON deserves to win, but sad to say that my bet was not really not lucky after all.

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jraymags said...

Hmmm... bet ko rin sila Kris... haaayyy... bakit ba ganun? lahat ng bet ko hindi nananalo... tsk!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Kris look like Britney Spears sometimes?

Wala lang.


jerick said...

kris can sometimes look like britney spears. but i can't believe that she's already 30 years old. Hmmm/